Yoga for Children with Disabilities

The science of Yoga has been known to aid certain diseases. Though, yet to be claimed by researches, there are clear indications that it sanctifies our mind and heals our body. The general functioning of vital organs and body systems is regulated and the body is purged out of toxins. However, lately most mentally retarded schools have also integrated it into their training curriculum as it is quite beneficial for such children as well.


Children with mental or physical disabilities require special care and attention. A relatively small change in their surroundings can trigger irritation and stubbornness in them. Some children also suffer from learning difficulties and concentration issues, others may lack hand eye coordination and motor skills. If your child has a problem, then keeping up with therapies treatments and mentally retarded schools would be an integral part of your routine. However, including yoga amongst his daily activities can lubricate his daily functioning; if not completely heal the condition. Practicing meditation and pranayama can check his temper, make him calmer, increase concentration levels, eases any other minor physical problems like constipation, gastric troubles, cold & cough etc., which can help you to train him better. Also, children are treated by anti-depressants anti-convulsions, steroids etc. The complete effects of some of the drugs are not even known while others certainly come with side effects. Yoga can help purge out these as well.


Though, it is difficult to teach children with profound mental illness or physical disabilities, they can still be trained to practice some simpler actions. You would need to physically assist them to attain postures, and send them to training camps. However, most of the schools for physically challenged already follow it as an integral part of the training module. For physically disabled children, poses can be especially beneficial. Those poses (depending on the nature of disability) that flex the counterpart of disabled limb or organ can be adopted to fortify their other strengths. You must consult a trainer (if the school doesn’t include it in the curriculum already) to know what is best for your child.


Also, you can start with meditation training at home. It can be difficult but even the trying to concentrate will help. You can teach the child to chant the ‘Om’ sound, by pronouncing. If the child is capable of counting, you can ask him to count his breath, by breathing deeper each time he reaches a count of 10. You can teach him to focus on the revolving fan or tik-tok of a clock (Tratak and Concentraton exercise). Add interesting aspects to it, for example, you can tell the child to keep looking at the seconds hand till it reaches the vertical position or if it tocks on the same position everytime when it goes round. Find creative ways to involve him in the activity.


Thus, with proper training you can actually see an improvement in your…

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