X-Rite Announces MetaVue, Bringing a New Level of Color Accuracy to Retail Paint Matching

MetaVue spectrophotometer measuring a vinyl siding sample.

The MetaVue’s on-board camera gives us the ability to target a very finite area. If we can pull out that special little green or blue area in the fabric and give the customer a good match, that is huge for us.

X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science and technology, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, announced the launch of MetaVue™, a breakthrough non-contact imaging spectrophotometer for retail paint matching. MetaVue provides paint associates the ability to easily respond to a range of different types of customer samples and accurately measure them, building confidence behind the paint counter, and increasing customer loyalty.

“Today’s paint departments are asked to measure and match all sorts of small or odd shaped samples which requires color matching devices to be more versatile than ever before,” said Chris Winczewski, Vice President, Strategy and Product Planning, X-Rite. “MetaVue’s live video preview ensures a more accurate measurement of large, small, curved or textured samples for precise paint formulation the first time. It also helps engage customers in the color matching process so that they can feel confident in their paint purchase.”

MetaVue is the first color matching device on the market to offer an on-board camera to help retail paint departments accurately target customer samples. Retail associates can see the sample they are measuring and digitally target the desired area. MetaVue also includes an advanced smart spot image feature that matches color, taking into consideration appearance affects such as texture and gloss, to ensure accurate matches.

MetaVue features an adjustable aperture size, ranging from 2mm to 12mm. For larger items, MetaVue can be horizontally or vertically positioned to allow associates more flexibility. Associates can take the measurement directly from the MetaVue device instead of having to reach over and click the mouse. Associates can also use MetaVue to measure exact dominant colors from multi-colored samples. While other color matching instruments average multiple colors, MetaVue can acquire separate measurements of multiple colors with a single click, saving time.

“About 25 percent of what we do is color-matched,” said Randy Service, Manager, Paint Department, for a large hardware store in Calgary, Alberta. “People bring in all kinds of things to be matched – cushions, bedspreads and a range of multi-colored items. We’ve already used MetaVue to do more than 300 paint matches and experienced a high degree of accuracy. This has significantly reduced our number of mistints. The MetaVue’s on-board camera gives us the ability to target a very finite…

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