Why Is Our Country In Debt

Responses from readers of the government, election 2012, and voting articles I have written has been very interesting. One of the responses from what appears to be a young person, and is the title of this article.

For us to discuss this very complex question requires an understanding of the creation of the private entity known as the Federal Reserve Bank. There are many books, articles and more online on the subject if you care to research it. It is safe to say the US Congress and the people that started the Federal Reserve Bank conspired to create an entity so that the US Congress could spend like ‘drug addicts’ and not have to be accountable for it. This started in 1913.

The country by the 1950s had been through two great wars, and many financial upheavals since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. These financial problems arise from the ‘monkeying’ with the interest rates caused by the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Congress. The US Government was very small in comparison to its size today.

Up until the 1950s in the US, there was a need for only one outside of the home working parent. This meant the mother stayed home, ran the house, cooked the meals, shopped, etc…but most importantly she provided additional structured education to the children and together with the father a nurturing atmosphere. The mothers had a full time job just taking care of the family and home.

The US Congress decided that new agencies were needed and created them, as they create them today. This means a need for additional taxes. The family structure had to change and the mother had to go to work outside the home, because the family needed more income to pay the taxes that the governments demanded so the governments could grow. This deprives the children of the structured, nurturing formative environment that had been available before.

Even with the increased taxation from doubling the workforce outside the home, increasing the tax rates, and additional forms of taxation introduced like Medicaid Medicare were not enough to fund the out of control ‘drug addict’ spending of the US Congress. Therefore, the US Congress started ‘stealing’ the monies they had collected for Social Security, Medicare, etc and spending that. Still this was not enough, they kept borrowing more and more using bonds and their conspiracy with the Federal Reserve Bank.

They have gotten us into so much debt, that the US now officially owes more than the GDP of the country. These amounts continue to climb every second of everyday and this is why our country is in such horrible financial condition and why the middle class that made our country great has all but disappeared. As a side note, there is speculation the President Abraham Lincoln was killed by the bankers of his time for creating the non interest bearing “Green Back’ dollar.

The question we should all ask is “Is our country better today vs the 1950s?”

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