Why Generic Home Business Education Matters for Network Marketing Success

Do these statics shock you: about 2.2 million people search for the keywords “home business” every month according to Google Adwords Search Tool.

 Only 750 people search for “home business education.” 

Can you see a titanic size problem when only 1 person out of 3000 will stop, look and listen and 2999 people rush headfirst into a network marketing home business without learning the basic blueprint before building a “dream business?”

The main concern, of course, is that it looks like people are making critical business decisions based on incorrect information which is as fallible as making critical health decisions based on flawed diagnostic tools or programs.

It is time to stop the insanity with current programs that expect people with no business backgrounds to act, mentor and succeed like their executive-skilled sponsors. No proper study or venture of any kind could survive with such a disservice where lack of education allows honest, hard-working people to be taken advantage of and be prone to failure. What else can be expected?

There is a hungry marketplace in uncertain economic times that needs better directions and manage better decisions for home based businesses in the network marketing industry. People need to learn to protect themselves from hyped programs by self-appointed gurus that falsely capitalize on this industry build for average people with above average dreams. People are failing to apply basic building blocks and suffer loss and frustration when simple steps can improve their considerable success.

Can you see a huge need for educational e-books that provide a wide generic overview of what works and what to avoid like the giant overload of information more impassable than an iceberg? Network marketing is the only option where three fundamental concepts make it a fair and democratic home business for every family. It means focusing on what average networkers can do. It means returning to basics. The tragedy is when good people miss or dismiss a worthy opportunity because of misinformation or lack of education.

There is nothing better than a generic, honest BIG PICTURE overview of this unique time-proven home-based opportunity. It is the right time to deconstruct a complex evolving model and reconstruct a simple platform that can engender a home business revolution for every individual and family who want more economic security. Even more importantly, they will no longer be the prey for powerful, self-serving promoters who exploit our dreams order to sell their products with clever copywriting.

These educational e-books offer 3 exciting propositions:

1. You don’t need a huge learning curve in the MLM industry as long as you have the three basic building blocks. The rest is a company’s or somebody else’s extra costly agenda. Why multi-task when you can multi-leverage professional tools to work on your behalf?

2. The standards, mindset and core values at the foundation of this unique home business must…

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