Why centralised encryption management is here to stay.


Every company I speak with is throwing the kitchen sink at protecting their network from external attackers, data breaches and mobile device loss. At the heart is the fundamental point that we all must accept: that where once corporate data sat ring-fenced on a server, it is now dispersed geographically, across many different devices, and moving all the time.

As IT and security professionals we keep battling with the need to keep the drawbridge down, but stop the baddies getting in, and ensure soldiers (data) outside the castle walls are safe.

Encryption has played a key role in protecting data for a long time. Thousands of years before the computer appeared there were Hebrew mono-alphabetic substitutions, and of course the use by the Romans of ciphers, being just a couple of examples. Yet despite its clear benefits in protecting against prying eyes, for a long time it fell out of…


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