While working with kids is her life, poems are her soul


As a kid, Maxine Silva had a recurring dream: she flew on a magic carpet that took her to exotic places. Her father, an officer in the Canadian Navy, taught her that change is as good as the rest. That made the family’s constant migration easy. Even in her adulthood, uprooting herself constantly and finding acceptance in unfamiliar lands was never difficult. She married and raised her children in New Jersey, USA, and shifted to Bali (Indonesia) after her husband’s death.

In 2012, a Facebook friendship with an Indian girl made Silva, a sexagenarian, visit a small village in Punjab. A week’s stay and a pilgrimage to Beas changed her life. She sublet her Bali apartment and moved to Bengaluru, the only city .

“I have never experienced love with such intensity in my entire life. It is as if being here reconnected me with my roots,“ she said.

While in New Jersey, Silva worked as…


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