When Should and Shouldn’t Use Magento Development

Magento is a proven e-commerce solution of our time due to its out-of-box features and functionality to run modern hefty e-commerce businesses. Once upon a time OsCommerce was king in online store development, then X-cart came, but Magento is ruling the e-commerce web development for half decade. With each update it getting betterment and advancements to meet the requirements of the hour.

Well, you come to know the robustness and functionality of Magento and made up your mind to go for Magento e-commerce development for your business, but ever you have run a second thought that this decision will surely help your business or appropriate for your kinds of businesses. In order to justify your decision you should have some basic knowledge of Magento.

If we look at the evolution path of e-commerce solution software we realize that when OsCommerce came into the market e-commerce businesses were at their infantile stage and gradually grew with the expansion of internet throughout the globe. Once the features of OsCommerce were enough to meet the requirements, but they were proved inadequate at a time and X-cart like other opensource taken its place. Now, again those all proved insufficient for modern businesses and Magento invented. This obviously indicates that Magento is an advance step in this evolution tree so naturally its is not like “one size fit” for all.

Therefore, if your business is small, perhaps you won’t afford the Magento e-commerce storefront development as well as maintenance etc. since you don’t need its most of features and that can be obtained through other opensource e-commerce solutions. The same is true for the opposite site, for B2B businesses. Since Magento has been originally designed for the businesses which want to deal directly with their customers, in other words B2C businesses.

Thus, your B2B business needs may not be fulfilled by Magento storefront programming despite the great efforts of Magento developers using available extensions, plug-ins, components, etc. Of course, custom Magento development will work for some cases but not for all and you may fall in that categories. If you fall in the categories of the businesses which are suitable for Magento e-commerce programming still you have difficulties to get good quality developers. Magento programming is not job of newbie or less experienced one.

Do you know where Magento evolved? Yes, it was in US so it has most of features adapted to the businesses of US and according to their US customers. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to check them if you are from outside US and from developing countries in particular. If its all features are not suitable despite the custom Magento e-commerce development you should abandon your desire for Magento. As we have stated earlier that Magento is on the top layer of the e-commerce solutions its hardware as well as hosting requirements are advance hence it is costly so you need to compute your ROI before finalized your idea.

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