When and How to Extend your Work Permit

In general, you have to file the “Application to change conditions or extend my stay or remain in Canada” if you want to continue staying in the country, change the condition of your stay, change the type of your status or make the necessary corrections in your status.

If you were issued a work permit, you can apply for its extension. However, you have to remain in Canada during the processing of your application and you must also file it at the Case Processing Centre. The law provides different provisions that define the maximum validity period of the work permit. At times, its validity period depends on the job category. For example, if your job is determined by a Labour Market Opinion, your work permit cannot exceed four years.


You should file the application for extension at least 30 days before your work permit expires. But keep in mind that you must also expect delays in the processing of your application. Sometimes, it will take 60 days to issue the work permit. Therefore, it is advisable to file it at last two months before your permit expires. This is to ensure that you will remain in the country without encountering complications related to your status in case of a processing delay, such as complications related to applying for a health care card or driver’s licence. However, you should take into consideration that you will typically be allowed to remain in Canada and continue working at your current job based on implied status if your work permit expired during the period of processing your new application. Your status will in those cases be extended until you receive the decision of the immigration office regarding your application for extension.

Four conditions that require a new work permit

If you are a temporary worker in Canada, you have to file an application for a work permit in case of:

Change of job or extension of work: It is important to apply for a work permit in order to continue working in Canada after the approved period to work has expired. If your job description has also changed, it is equally important to inform the visa office about it by way of a work permit application. Be sure to file an application to extend or change conditions of your current permit prior to its expiration.

Job offer: If you want to extend your stay in Canada because of a lucrative or reasonable job offer from a Canadian employer, it is vital to apply for a work permit before your visa expires. In this way, you will know whether you are required to submit additional documents. You must bear in mind that you need a new work permit for the new job offer. You must not begin working in your new job without the new work permit from the immigration office.

Desire to keep the job: If you want to continue working in Canada, a work permit is an indispensable requirement.

Intention to return after leaving the country: If you left Canada after the expiration of your work permit, you may not be allowed to return to Canada without a new work…

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