What services an intellectual property law firms provide?

Currently, the intellectual property law firms are thriving in the economy due to the growth of the intellectual properties such as trademarks, copyrights and patents. In general intellectual property refers to any creation of human mind but it should be original. There are various areas of intellectual property that govern by the law firms of intellectual property.

Kinds of IP:
In order to understand services of law firm, we must understand different areas of intellectual properties. Each part of the IPs governs by the law firm hence understanding about these areas will help to accumulate more details.

•  Patents – Patents depicts to all new and unique creation whether it is process, machines, products or anything which is original. A law firm assigns the specialized lawyers to apply for the patent rights on the behalf of the clients in United States Patent and Trademark Office. Filing for the protection right in respective authority enables owners to obtain the exclusive rights to use their patents.

•  Trademarks – Any new name, logo, phrases, images and other new creations associated with business that differentiates one business to others are called trademarks. It is basically used to prevent the confusion amongst customers to recognize any particular business in market. Thus, any business having particular logo or name will be authorized to use it exclusively. Like copyright, trademarks are automatically falls under the trademark law once the business starts using the particular trademark property. However, applying for the rights in office will add more protection and additional features in this intellectual property.

•  Copyrights – Any kind of original authorship such as music, poem, drawings and others affixed with some kind of tangible form are called copyrights. Whether you create a new song, music, lyrics, dance form, drawing or anything, you just have to attach it with tangible form such as record a video of your dance performance. Usually, the copyright property automatically gets protected once the creator meets all the requirements of copyrights and uses it. However, applying in respective authority will provide more protection and extra benefits.

•  Trade Secrets – Trade secrets refer to the particular strategies and working mechanism of the organization which is unique and main asset of their business. In that case, they are authorized to protect it under the intellectual property law.
Specialties of the lawyers:
The intellectual property law firms provide experienced lawyers to represent the cases of these assets. However, there are two specific areas of expertise.

•  Litigation – Attorneys specialized in filing lawsuit and responding the lawsuits are called the litigation lawyers. These lawyers will keep protecting the intellectual property from being misused and take prompt actions against the others who use it wrongfully.

•  Transactional – These lawyers are specialized in applying for the rights in…

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