What is Green Web Hosting?

Thanks in large part to the massive increase in both internet access and commerce, more and more people are publishing websites. Of course, in order to publish a website, the site must be hosted on a server. This creates great demand for hosting companies. The growth of web hosting companies is now leading to a significant amount of diversity among them. This is clear in the emergence of green web hosting businesses. 

Yes, the world of environmental consciousness is now impacting the website hosting industry. Many business sectors are going green so why should website hosting companies be any different. The obvious question that might arise here is what exactly is green web hosting? 

In the simplest of terms, green hosting can be best described as a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient means of hosting a website. 

Energy is a huge part of hosting. A tremendous amount of electricity is required to ensure the servers and the data centres remain operational. Since websites are intended to remain live 24 hours a day, the servers and the data centres must be powered every day without end. Needless to say, this can lead to a massive consumption of electricity. 

Does this electricity have to be drawn solely from fossil fuels? No, as long as the centre receives the proper amount of power, it can remain operational. It does not matter where the electricity comes from and a green hosting company may draw its energy from renewable fuel sources such as solar panels or wind turbines. Whether the electricity comes in whole or in part from renewable sources, the main point here is these hosting companies are operating in a greener manner than their competition. 

There are other ways in which such a business can operate in a greener manner. One way would be to purchase more energy efficient equipment. Some may be under the impression only consumer electronics come with Energy Star ratings. This is really not the case as the desire to go green has impacted many industries. Therefore, quite a number of the electrical equipment the hosting company employs could be highly energy efficient. The purchasing of equipment could also prioritize the acquisition of recycled or refurbished equipment to further green operations. 

The company could even employ specific managerial decisions to promote its environmentally friendly nature. The interior of the hosting company certainly will have to remain spotlessly clean and free of dust. To achieve such a goal, green cleaning companies could be brought in to handle all tasks. 

Web hosting companies, like many other businesses, can embody a more environmentally friendly approach to conducting business. For those with concerns about whether or not such an approach will undermine the ability to effectively host websites, there really is nothing to be worried about. All hosting companies, regardless of their business model, must be reliable to stay in business. 

So, why not go green when the time times to…

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