Vibram speed can not get away from you, won’t you just want to have you

YangFan looked intently,vibram five fingers uk originally is the heart that porch lanshi girl, so he will look to the blue YangGe have two people, and, behold, two all is nodded, then also approval.
Had they prepared to cast YangFan triangle, now more than a person, so will have to plans. After thinking to slightly, YangFan to three people light language some kind of, when see all three nod, they began to spread the formation, formation and the original triangle shape basic similar, the only difference is the triangle place one of, LingEr relative strength and three other people is weak, so place it in the heart, the mission is responsible for the attack and aid, when any one party of triangle met the same strength or better than our opponents, and the help from, and when the triangle shape fast moving or operation, its will to sneak attack near the strength of weak.
When several people ready, YangFan and shouted: “array on, left rotation, right at….”
Immediately, see a constant rotation of the formation of the great triangle on the player to rush to cut, then that the 3322 of the chapter all is derided, but some actual strength is the weak has just been derided could reaction, it was the LingEr black hand, it directly to boom appearances. With the YangFan voice rang constantly, triangle shape sometimes left axon, sometimes right attack, sometimes rotation, sometimes stop, see chaos boc gun of rock, black rod of wind, born of black gun is flying in the sky, and sometimes also with several energy water polo appear. So all this, half an hour later be them directly out of no fewer than twenty.
When does people, are killed rise,a familiar figure appeared in YangFan eyes, not others, it is the old foe aoki, at this time of hand a knife purple aoki swords, with 10 bearer is on fire they surround come over, everyone is a grin, seems to YangFan eat set they generally.
See a form, YangFan loudly way: “LingEr and I transposed, will that involved in heart, aoki array and begin to spin the formation, let I to deal with aoki, you of the outer responsible for other people.”
Heard, LingEr immediately take up the position of the heart to YangFan, and YangFan heart into the matrix, and then the triangle formation at forward, then there was a open a $brought the aoki involved in array alone heart, then slowly rotating up.
See a form, aoki not jing the laughter, to YangFan way: “I was annoyed with how will you from formation out, I didn’t expect you to come but his…….” Said, it will hand the purple sky sword every, the whole body war QiYun use acme, see war gas into the jian crazy purple. With gas pouring into the war, the purple jian issued the dazzling lights, suddenly a stream of cold out of fire, the temperature around space instantly fell to freezing point, only hear its loud way: “please be dead, frozen nine days”.
“Wow,” frozen nine days “, one of the XingYu Pope technology will kill, he also too hard right, this kind of game need see life and death? “,…

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