Using the Talents of Women Business Leaders

Managing talent and developing the next generation of business leaders have grown to be recognised as the keys to achieving human capital advantage over and above the competition inside a global knowledge economy. Yet, today’s rigid and exclusionary approaches to management succession will cease to yield the supply of management talent to drive advancement and higher overall performance unless employers produce more meaningful management and development possibilities for the single largest segment of university graduates around the world – women.

Women leaders may invariably be seen by an increasing number of companies as an untapped source of talent, experience as well as senior-management leadership. These ‘best practices’ will help you work at leveraging the talents of women business management talent.

Best Practice #1: Determine the career improvement of high performing women

In order to measure the availability associated with talent for key management roles in the future, companies must measure the advancement and career development of high performing women and recognise the unique obstacles women face as they build careers and families as well as potentially look for opportunities as well as options in order to re-engage at the management level.

Best Practice #2: Produce networking opportunities as well as specific career pathing for women management talent

Corporations want options for management succession. To help keep numerous high achieving women business management tlent engaged with the organization as well as “on radar” with regard to future promotion, employers should create networking possibilities and specific career pathing for women management talent. These must provide them their very own options for engaging versatile work assignments which don’t force them into a unquestionably unfavorable option (for the company and the person alike) between the job and family, which has had the effective of significantly reducing the pool of talented candidates to satisfy succession plan specifications.

Best Practice #3: Learn from the example set by modern-day women business management talent

Learn from the example set by modern-day women business management talent. Understand the career track they followed to gain the required skills and experience to do the task. Ask today’s women business executives concerning the obstacles these leaders faced and use these lessons (with their help) as they relate to recruiting, retention, development as well as promotion of a new era of women management talent.

Looking ahead, it’s hard to believe that the companies on the front lines of the knowledge economy will get there or stay there without leveraging the experience and talents of women business leaders as their consumer sectors continue to globalize as well as diversify. It really is increasingly apparent that qualified women are becoming available and are making a difference within the bottom line, and corporations that have a drive to…

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