Using Interchangable Knitting Needles Like The Addi Clicks To Improve Your Knitting Experience

Knitters who are constantly casting on new projects can really benefit from interchangeable knitting needle sets. In the knitting community, these sets are very popular. Interchangeable needle sets consist of ten to twelve different sizes of knitting needles, and a few lengths of cable. With these sets, you have every standard size knitting needle, and will rarely need to purchase another.

These sets are straightforward and uncomplicated to use. All you need to do is twist together your needle and desired length of cord to get started. In sets like the Addi Clicks, the join will be very smooth and the needles will not come apart until you want them to. If you are starting a new pattern, look at the “Materials” section to see what size knitting needles your pattern calls for. If your pattern says that you need 16″ #10.5 needles, it means that you need to take the U.S. size 10.5 needles from your set and twist them into the 16″ cord.

When you sit down to start a new project, it is a very good habit to check the “gauge” of your knitting, especially if you are trying the project on a yarn not specified in the pattern. For any given project, the pattern will tell you how many stitches per inch you should be getting on a certain size needle. For example, a pattern may specify that you should be getting 4.5 stitches to the inch with your yarn.

Because everyone in the world does not knit with the same tension, it is very important to make sure that you are also getting 4.5 stitches to the inch. On larger projects, you could be off by inches if your gauge is off early on. When you have an interchangeable needle set, it is easy to go up and down a needle size to get the right gauge without even taking your project off of the cord.

I find the Addi Clicks to be the highest quality interchangeable set. The Addi knitting needles are widely recognizes as the best in the knitting industry. I bought my set two years ago, and since then I’ve only had to purchase very small and very large needles. This is so convenient when I decide to cast on a project last minute!

There are three different versions of the Addi Clicks. The classic nickel plated needle in the Addi collection is the Addi Turbo. The Addi Turbo Clicks are perfect for any projects, and make your knitting move along quickly due to the nickel composition. The Addi Natura set are made of bamboo, and are great for beginners and those who prefer to knit with bamboo. For those who knit a lot of lace, I recommend the Addi Lace Clicks. This is the newest set of needles, made of brass in smaller sizes for knitting detailed lace projects.

One huge benefit from these Click sets are that you get a great value for the number of needle/cord combinations in the set. You’re really only paying about $5.00 for every needle. In my shop, these needles run from $13.00 to $25.00 separately, so you’re making a great economic decision. Sets like the Addi Clicks are a smart choice when it comes to money, and the quality of the…

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