Using Hosted Webcasting Solutions to make Investor Relations Calls

With the steadily increasing rate in the adoption of remote communications technology in the business world, webcasting has emerged as a feasible option for Investor Relations calls. Hong Kong has one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, with over 1,477 companies listed on it in November 2011. These business houses need to make earnings calls on a quarterly and annual basis, which can be made cost effective and convenient with the help of dedicated webcasting solutions. It has also proven to be quite useful as the number of individuals who choose to view content virtually rather than in person is rising and the video can be uploaded on a private corporate Intranet as well as the open World Wide Web for them.

Investor Relations streaming solutions are readily available in Hong Kong nowadays, with a wide variety of features. For example, ArkadinIR is a streaming webcast solution that can be used by organisations to host their Investor Relations calls, with a host of customisation and branding options. Such virtual conferencing products are ideal for hosting videos, audio clips, images and other multimedia files on the Internet for analysts and financial experts to view. The participants can join the virtual venue of the earnings call by simply signing in using the secure ID and password provided to them.

Since each company has specific requirements, they can use tailor made solutions and choose only the features that are required by them. This helps them to simplify the interface and enable one touch access to most of the frequently used features. The registration forms, lobbies and consoles can easily be customised in any advanced IR webcast solution to suit the users’ needs. Likewise, the branding option allows companies to project a professional image in front of the parties viewing the webcast, including investors and stakeholders.

A standard Investor Relations webcasting application comes with a set of features that assist users to conduct the event optimally. These include hosting a practice run before the event itself, real-time reporting and local language support. Other features of these solutions include automatic email confirmations, reminders and no-show alerts. Since interactivity has gained importance even in the virtual conferencing platform, companies can use tools like live and moderated Q&A sessions, polls and surveys for remaining in touch with the audience. On the other hand, social media integration of these solutions merges the corporate and social ecosystems for an enhanced overall conferencing experience.

High end webcast solutions available today can connect users with up to 2000 participants, who can view the pre-recorded as well as real-time Earnings Call. Users can host the webcast securely as enterprise grade security is a standard feature of these solutions. On demand archiving, detailed tracking and reporting and recording are some other features that make Investor Relations webcasts indispensable for…

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