Urgency to Improve the Law and Regulations of Mineral Resources.


Mineral resources refers to natural resources that formed from geological formation and can be used in production and life and have value in use. They have such characteristics as non-renewable, limited quantity and fixed form. China is a vast land that is rich in mineral resources, and the amount is big with complete kinds, but the per capita quantity is little and relatively short. On the other hand, the quality disparity is great, the proportion of short resources is relatively high, their distribution is not even, and the mining intensity is big but the resources reserve is too short. As a result, geological resources experts and scholars conclude that the main mineral resources in our country has been in serious insufficiency, the reserve increase is slow and most large-sized minings have entered the middle-late stage.

Mineral resources are formed with thousands of years of geological transformation and natural ferment, so it is a kind of non-renewable resources. Now when we exploit a little, the whole reserve will decrease a little. So as for the serious situation, promptly improving the laws and regulations regarding this is a necessary measure for our sustainable development.

The view of scientific development is not just a slogan, but it needs to be carried out. The 16th Third Plenary Session further established the view of scientific development that focus on human being with features of completion, coordination and sustainability. Its proposal timely guided the modification and formulation of mineral resources laws and gave direction of correctly recognition to and resolution of the problems existing in the management of mineral resources and development of mining industry.In recent years, the mining resources problems become more and more serious, domestic resources become more and more insufficient, and the lack of mineral raw materials have become a restricting factor in our economic growth, so the formulation and issuance of laws and regulations is paramount and we need to exploit and make use of them with plans and procedures. Due to the imperfection and hysteresis quality, the manipulity is not strong; part law is just a political rule which gave some private miner the chances and excuses to exploit secretly and exhaustively.

According to China’s present situation of mineral resources to constructing circular economy as soon as possible the overall thinking and goal, improving relevant law and policy, formulate rational utilization of mineral resources strategy and tactics, completely change heavy micro light macro, heavy economic benefits and environmental benefits light, heavy file for examination and approval of the examination in the light, and will minerals resource management in a scientific development track, strictly control the mine water and soil conservation and prevent the happening of the mine geology disaster, according to law, protect the mineral resources, to China’s economic development…

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