Trimble Dental Excellence Supports Gum Disease Awareness Month, Invites New Patients for Leading Gum Disease Treatment in Eau Claire, WI


Dr. Bruce Trimble, Respected Dentist, Recognizes Gum Disease Awareness Month

Dr. Bruce Trimble, a dentist who treats gum disease in Eau Claire, WI and Menomonie, WI, is supporting Gum Disease Awareness Month by raising awareness about the serious health risks associated with this common condition. Besides harming tooth and bone health, gum disease has been tied to many severe systemic illnesses. Given these risks, Dr. Trimble is now welcoming new patients to visit his practice, Trimble Dental Excellence, for complimentary gum disease consultations.

Gum disease is common in the U.S.; data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that…


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