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Stationery Toys of Today, the city of all primary and secondary school. Yesterday, the students have to start a new semester of school report, many people with a brand new stationery and joy into the school year of the Ox. However, a number of parents found that this year’s stationery looks “exactly like” toys in particular, and that the prices are generally higher than ordinary stationery.

Experts pointed out that this “toy” of the stationery is not conducive to children and may contribute to the classroom to focus on comparisons of psychological, parents or children should be more than those who buy inexpensive, simple and practical stationery can help the children growth.

Pencil Knives become “car”

Yesterday, who lives in Futian District, Miss Feng found that sixth grade elementary school daughter back a lot of “little toys” to report to the school.

“Mom, this is not a toy, these are all I buy stationery.” Miss Feng a closer look, is not, his hand in the “car” is clearly Pencil Knife, but has Cubs logo, looks like candy bars are Ball point pen … …

“Now how are related to toys, stationery do like ah?” Reporter visited many schools around the stationery shop and found that this kind of “toys” of stationery put a lot of counters. To an “automatic Writing case “For example, not only with small pencil above the knife, opened three small layer will pop up, pens, rulers, Eraser Each partition, and even installed a thermometer and compass.

In addition, there are still many types of cartoon images of the notebooks, the smell of various shapes and eraser pen, car shape Schoolbag , Safe Like the writing case and a password to open the notebook, etc., are all colorful and attracted many students of the eye.

The same as Miss Feng, many parents have had concerns on such stationery. One mother of a child entered primary school first grade, said she had found her son loves playing with color pencil sharpeners. “It can not, I had the time of his homework, easy to interfere with those close up view of the stationery all for his selection of stationery, but also try to choose a simple style.”

Expert stationery also proposed “simplification” Patterns and more likely to spread

remove students effort, the reporter found that these “toys” of stationery stationery prices than you. For example, a common writing case as long as ten dollars, the price should automatically writing case twenty or thirty dollars, and even more expensive. “Those of ordinary stationery, children do not like now, and these beautiful stationery Although a bit expensive, but it only personality, more and more welcomed by the children.” A salesperson told this reporter.

The face of such high-end “toy” of stationery increasingly are numerous, long-term ideological education work in the South China Sea Primary School Pei Zhai, deputy director of the Office of the teachers that curious, attention is not easy to concentrate on the characteristics of primary and secondary students. Modeling…

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