Tips in Bridal Shower Favors

Shower favors are definitely fun to receive. They are little bags of surprises that are often very pretty and feminine, but are also very useful and nice to have. But while women generally like receiving them, the bride-to-be loves the process of choosing them.

For her, it is like being presented with a selection of the prettiest things on earth, and then whatever she chooses is given out to the women in her life, particularly close family and friends who will be with her on her bridal shower. Giving these people her chosen shower favors makes her feel that she is sharing with them a piece of happiness from the whole selection where she picked them.

Selections of shower favors can be simple-and-pretty, functional-and-funny, cute-and-fun, or edible-and-indulging. Simple-and-pretty favors can be very friendly to one’s budget, and are often the classic types of tokens. Examples of this type of favors are silk folding fans, elegant mirror compacts, sticks of lip balms with delicious flavors, or small trinket boxes. These favors can also be functional, but they are more inclined to be lady-like as opposed to the functional-and-funny type. These are very feminine tokens, with their prettiness being an outstanding element.

Examples of the functional-and-funny shower favors are bottle openers in unusual shapes and designs – often in something that signifies either a private joke among the girls or a memorable event they all shared, a pedicure set that is made to look like flip-flops, or big magnets and coasters with a funny shape or a funny message on it. This type of favor is often something the receiver can use, but has a twist of humor in it, either through its unusual design or funny appearance.

Cute-and-fun shower favors are those that are generally aimed to please the receiver’s eye because of their prettiness and charm, while having a touch of humor or laughter in it. It is more of a heartwarming kind of token, one that will make the receiver smile, and really immerse in the occasion’s warmth and happiness. It acknowledges the fun in the occasion, but also expresses it deeper significance. Examples of this type of favors are small and cute gum ball machines with a personalized label and message, small beauty kits or manicure sets that match with those of their friends, lip balms in cupcake or heart shapes, or crystal collections that come in various colors and designs.

Lastly, there are the edible-and-indulging ones. These shower favors usually cater to family and friends whom the bride-to-be would like to indulge. Some great ideas for this type of favors are homemade jams with personalized jar labels, sets of swirl lollipops in personalized packaging, wedding-cake-shaped cookies with personalized designs, or personalized chocolate candies.

With a wide selection of favors to give out, a bride-to-be will surely enjoy going through them and selecting which ones to use for the occasion. And just as she enjoyed choosing them, those who receive them…

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