Three Big Issues You Need to Consider Before Ordering a Cable TV

Cable TVs are getting more popular over other types of TV services. Cables TVs are regulated by the state in many ways. When you order a cable TV service for your home, like I discovered when I ordered one for my home from Time Warner Cable. There are three issues that you need to consider.

a.Programming, Promotions and Pricing,
b.Equipment and Installation
c.And taxes, fees and surcharges.

It makes sense therefore to ask your operators for some information before you order the right package that will not only fit your budget but will also meet your family’s expectations.

a.Request your operator to give you a list containing channel lineup that they will give you for a particular package. If the package is part of any promotional offer look more closely into video, music and pay-per-view channels that are included. TV viewing is getting a bit more personal these days. Viewers prefer having their own schedule. That means sooner or later prime time viewing will have become outdated and you may want programs on demand. Check if the packages will let you do that.
b.On demand programming inherently has limitations. So it is better that you know what those limitations are going to be. A sound knowledge about what you will get in on-demand will help you choose a package wisely. Packages no doubt help you save money, but they must also be better suited to your requirements. Chances are that sometimes you are better off without the packages if viewing habits or time constraints don’t allow you to make full use of them. Sometimes other options and specials can be better suited for your needs. Try using one of them. They can help you save money.
c.Increasingly more and more homes in the US choose bundling as way out to cut on TV costs. Cable TV is often bundled with internet and digital home phones to bring down prices. Sometimes a coupon or voucher can help you bring down your payment. See if they will give you concessions on installation fee, or a total waiver in case you choose a particular plan. When you sign a contract, give close attention to the cancellation clause. Cancellations ultimately result in loss for the customers, but knowing how much it is going to be will help you choose the right package.
d.Most promotional offer packages are time bound. It can be for 3 months or even for a full year. Whatever the period they come to an end. So find out what the charges will be thereafter. Some operators will even give money-back guarantees if you are not satisfied. Ask you operator how the guarantee will work in case you choose to terminate a contract and how repayment will be made. Chances are that sometimes they will not allow anything more than a credit that you can use to order a different package for an unknown price.
e.All cable TVs require some kind of equipment to receive and stream videos to televisions, computers and even handheld units like iPOD. Most often they are leased by the cable TV provider on a monthly rental. You can buy a compatible…

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