Things You Need to Carry for a Pigeon Forge Rafting

Relishing the wilderness comes with a ton of fun and excitement. You can try a lot of things during a nature trip. If you intend to be daring while having your vacation, then white water rafting in Tennessee could be the thing you can do.

White water rafting is likely one of the most fun outdoor activities you can have with your acquaintances. This recreation lets you see the beauty of Nature, giving you a chance to marvel at the unique displays of the streaming water and surrounding flowers. What is even better is river rafting improves mental and physical well-being. It exercises the body and de-stresses your brain. Be sure to pack all the things you need if you are planning to enjoy a river rafting outing.


White water rafting pertains to water, so be ready to get drenched from head to toe. Make sure to carry spare clothing you can change into soon after the recreation. Do not take too much clothing, because this might be a problem during your excursion. Take into account the length of time you are planning to take the trip so you can plan the right amount of clothing. You may also want to bring towels, swimsuits, or any quick-drying outfits. Be sure you bring windproof coats, sweaters, or blankets to keep you comfy, especially if you prefer to enjoy Pigeon Forge rafting in the winter months.


Forget the heels – ensure you use a pair of comfy footwear on your river rafting trip. Airy plastic sandals with bands, wetsuit boots, or tennis shoes may well be good. Refrain from using flip-flops because the water might wash them away. Rubber shoes might be unsuited for white water rafting in Tennessee, because they get heavy and soggy when damp. It might also be better to have an additional pair of camping shoes if you also prefer to go hiking.

Skin essentials

Assume you will bathe under the sun’s rays for quite a while. As such, it is only necessary to bring sunscreen with high SPF. Be sure you use this on your skin – exclude the forehead, since the water will just wash it down your eye area. You might also want to pack lip balm and moisturizer, since the water will make your mouth and skin rough and flaky. If you desire to look good while having fun in Pigeon Forge rafting, you may use water-resistant eyeliner and long-lasting lip-gloss.

Meals and Water

No one wants to try Pigeon Forge rafting on an empty stomach. Make sure to arrange enough food and water for your escapade. You can plan the dishes for your outing – a light morning meal, snacks in the afternoon, and a nice meal for dinner. Consider the duration of the vacation so you can know the amount of food and water you ought to provide.

Hiking equipment

Bring your camping equipment if you plan to spend the evening at Pigeon Forge rafting venues. Be sure to pack sleeping bag, a small cushion, and air mattress. Fix the tent – make sure that there will be adequate space for everyone. Make sure you provide lights, additional power packs, and a first aid…

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