There Is Nothing Wrong With Joining The Army

I don’t understand why the US Army has a hard time filling its ranks. I understand we are a nation at war, but not all Soldiers deploy. I know Army personnel that has been in the Army for 20 years and have yet to deploy. And yes if your a grunt you will probably deploy more than your counter parts. But what I don;t understand is that in the last big war, we had millions of young Americans lining up to join the Army. Some even lied about there age to join. What happened to that selfless service that this nation use to have? Are we a nation of citizens that thinks as individuals rather than a collective nation. Americans have short memories, and we have forgotten our history. We are very fortunate to never have been invaded, no other nation can lay to that claim. With that being said, I did some research and found out that the Army is offering some great incentives to enlist the aid of the citizens of this nation to carry us as a dominate force into the future.

1st-Money for College or to pay off College Loans: What other nation on this earth offers this type of incentives?

College Loan Repayment

The Army’s College Loan Repayment program allows you to pay off your federally insured student loans when you enlist in the Army in a qualifying job. To be eligible, you must enlist for three years on Active Duty or six years in the Army Reserve, and your loan status must not be in default. For Active Duty Soldiers, you can receive up to $ 65,000 to repay your college loans. For Army Reserve Soldiers, you can receive up to $ 20,000 to repay your college loans. The following loans qualify for the Army’s loan repayment program:

* Auxiliary Loan Assistance for Students (ALAS)

* Stafford Student Loan, formerly know as the Guaranteed Student Loan (GSL)

* Parents Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS). Must be incurred for the use of the individual contracting for the program (not others such as relatives)

* Consolidated Loan Program. Only covers Soldier’s education expenses

* Federally Insured Student Loans (FISL)

* Perkins Loan, formerly known as the National Direct Student Loan (NDSL)

* Supplemental Loans for Students (SLS)

Army College Fund

The Army College Fund (ACF) is an enlistment incentive option designed to aid in the recruitment of highly qualified soldiers for critical or shortage Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). The ACF supplements the basic Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) entitlement, and awards up to $ 50,000 in education benefits to those engaged in such critical specialties.
To take advantage of this program, you must enlist for the GI Bill and ACF option. To participate, you must meet MGIB eligibility criteria, have an Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score of 50 or above, be a high school diploma graduate prior to entry on active duty, and enlist for a qualifying military occupational specialty (MOS). Benefits will vary depending on your enlistment term.

Enlistment Bonuses

There are many benefits to joining the Armed Forces, but few directly affect your pay as much as enlistment bonuses. In fact, if you enlist in military you may be eligible for up to $ 40,000 in cash bonuses.

Army Advantage Fund

The Army gives you the strength to accomplish all your goals as a Soldier, even if that means owning a home. Upon completion of service, qualified Soldiers will be eligible to participate in the Army Advantage Fund. Through the Army Advantage fund you could receive money towards buying a new house or paying off a house already owned.

Depending on the length of your commitment, you could receive:

– $ 25,000 for an enlistment of three years

-$ 35,000 for an enlistment of four years

-$ 40,000 for an enlistment of five plus years

If you joined the Peace Corp-Nothing

If you joined the Work Force-Nothing

If you worked at a fortune 500 Company-It would take years to get these types of offers.

Yes I understand you can get hurt or killed by joining the Army, but look around you can die from many other occupations and from walking across the street. But remember allot of jobs in the Army do not deploy, so when you talk to a recruiter don’t let him or her deter you from your objective of joining and getting the career field you qualify for. There are many more reasons why you should join the army, and I guess my critics can say there are many more reasons not to join. But by serving this nation you can walk with your head high, have stories for your kids and there kids. Learn life long skills, become strong, have a great future, secure your future and your family’s future.

There is no limit to the opportunities in the Army – so there’s no limit to what you can learn and achieve. The Army strengthens you, and your future, with expert training in one of over 150 different jobs for Soldiers on Active Duty. I am a 24 year Army Vet. I have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I retrieved the information about the benefits from the below listed site.

I am a 24 year Army Vet with tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can find more information about the Advantages of Joining the Army at the below listed site:

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