The short sides of the save money electric vehicles

Fingertips from the last June 23 charging stations for the village of Linyi focus the nation’s largest electric vehicle charging stations under construction, nearly a year. Although the focus village charging station has been put into operation at full load operation, is currently the best performing battery charging station; Although Jinan City in November last year, the first electric car with a personal road has been listed; but put into operation in the entire six months of Jinan City Eiken electric vehicle charging stations, charging stations for the same village and the focus to a home as there is no other new energy vehicles. 
Price, technology, standards, these new energy vehicles in the past plagued the knot into the family, and not because of the past year, with the charging station and electric car “regular army” and a difference, Shandong personal new energy vehicles, still entangled in the long wait collapsed. 
Fire the bus deserted car 
The two faces of charging stations 
In the personal promotion of new energy vehicles, lack of adequate facilities charge to use any inconvenience caused, has been criticized by the industry as “a horse bareback.” June 23, 2010, Linyi, broke ground on coke village charging station, to fill the promotion of new energy vehicles in Shandong infrastructure gaps. As of May, the province were in Linyi, Jinan operating five large power stations, a number of cities established hundreds of simple charge pile. 
3, away from the bustling city of Linyi Mt southwest all the way, signs of genistein on the mountain began to show the Seven Road, secluded atmosphere. Until the evening, seven in genistein Hill Road and Yizhou Road intersection was the focus of such charging stations to village lively gathering of electric buses. 
6 pm, home of people passing through here to see a vehicle Wang Zengqiang electric blue bus stop charging. Press 3 Chiao Chuang charging station from Linyi understand that the Public Transport Corporation of Linyi City has K9, K10, K13, K15 Road 4 lines of more than 100 buses to replace all the electric vehicles. Webmaster Zhang told reporters, “Although the charging station for 30 vehicles while simultaneously charging, but on June 23 last year, completed and put into operation, has been running at full capacity, to nearly ten thousand times the electric vehicle charging station more than 140 million kWh, is currently the best performing charging stations. ” 
Power company’s network in Linyi layout, has been put into use in the urban areas the focus of Zhuang, Gong Village, Yi Tong and Liu Qing River four electric car charging stations, constitute the main city, “quadrangle” charging network. However, more than 900 million people, 170 million motor vehicles in Linyi, a mere hundred new energy vehicles to simply drop in the ocean, the real market potential of new energy vehicle market, the individual is still at the eve of the outbreak. 

Began in November last year, 85 electric car charging…

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