The Multiple Benefits Of The Banana Plant And Its Parts

The banana tree, as it is called, is not really a tree by itself. It is actually a large herb grown on a large scale in balmy climatic conditions. They are predominantly grown as household plants though. The specialty of the banana plant is that, it is one of the very few plants in the world wherein all the parts of the plant serve a purpose. The parts are used for both food and non-food purposes. Obviously, we all like the toothsome banana fruits; it can be eaten raw, and is also a used as a main ingredient in a variety of dishes. They are among the most commonly eaten fruits in the households.

As far as the plant is concerned, the big leaf is used for several purposes. In many countries, the food is served on the big banana leaf in grand occasions like marriage and sacred thread ceremonies. Chinese use the fresh banana leaves to wrap the meat and heat them at relatively low temperatures. They believe this way of cooking adds more taste and flavor to the food. In some of the Asian countries, one can find a full-grown banana plant tied outside the wedding hall. This is in accordance to the people’s belief that the presence of the plant will have some positive effect on the couple’s marriage.

The hanging dark reddish-brown flower of the banana tree that contains honey is a favorite honey-hunting portion for the butterflies. Even after the honey is sucked out by the insects, the white elongated part that looks like the flower is well suited for cooking. It tastes bitter when eaten raw nevertheless when fried and eaten, it tastes so good. If you get a chance, try the new dish yourself and relish the taste yourself!

The large stem portion of the banana plant contains a thread-like substance. The thread is thick and strong and functions pretty much like a light-weight rope! People use the thread from the banana stem to tie the flowers and many other things.

Now, let us come to the most important part of the banana plant. Yes, the banana! There are many types of bananas in the world. Some of the most popular types are Manzano Banana, Baby/Nino Banana, Burro banana, Red Banana, Plantain banana, Cavendish banana. Though it’s widely accepted that bananas are very useful for digestion, there are many other health benefits of the fruit. Let me try and compile a short note on the health benefits of banana that I came to know while I was surfing the web for information using my high-speed Internet connection powered by ATT Uverse Deals.

Banana is loaded with potassium content (almost 13% of the RDA) that can effectively help in lowering the blood pressure levels. This in turn can lessen the occurrence of other ailments such as stroke, atherosclerosis, and heart attack. The high sodium content in the American-style diet can lead to poor blood clotting, improper muscular contractions, and unhealthy functioning of the nervous system. In such cases, the high potassium content of the banana can help neutralize the sodium content and lead to a healthy life….

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