The Most Popular Brands Of Coffee Machines

Modern coffee machines have made it very simple for anyone to produce a pot or a cup of coffee during the day. They are used in offices, homes and even retail storefronts. There are currently dozens of different brands on the market. Each is attempting to appeal to consumers in a different way. Although the number of manufacturers has increased, a handful of brands have remained the most popular during the last decade.

Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee is the most popular manufacturer of coffee machines in the world. They have dominated the market for years despite increasing competition. The company produces a range of different machines from simple drip brewers to advanced digital models. The success of the brand can be largely contributed to the fact that the company offers such a wide range of models at many different price points. Mr. Coffee also produces a line of accessories for the machine that include items like coffee filters and cleaning liquids.

Black and Decker

Black and Decker is the main competitor for Mr. Coffee. This company has been the second most popular producer of coffee makers for a long time. Black and Decker focuses primarily on producing machines that are functional and affordable for consumers. The machines are very durable because of the experience the company has producing power tools for commercial use. The manufacturer has successfully marketed the coffee makers to major retails. This makes them much more accessible to consumers than the higher-end machines found only through specialty suppliers.


Krups has become a popular brand for consumers because the company produces some very distinctive specialty coffee machines for aficionados. Some of these specialty machines include models that have two separate carafes, that produce espresso and that use unusual brewing systems. One of the most popular designs is a coffee machine that accepts water and whole coffee beans. The machine grinds the beans and uses a vacuum system to move the beans into a filter where brewing occurs. This allows families to have freshly ground and brewed coffee without having to perform each step separately. Krups machines tend to be more expensive than other coffee makers.


Keurig coffee makers have won several awards and remain very popular in the market today. Keurig uses an original brewing system based on individual coffee capsules known as K-Cups. The machines accept a single small K-Cup in a brewing chamber. The machine then produces a single cup of coffee in just a minute or two. This system is very popular with consumers because it reduces the amount of wasted coffee and makes it easy for large households to accommodate individual tastes. Although there are several other single-serving brewing systems, Keurig still leads the market.


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