The eternal bliss of love (love is god)


BY PROF Ghulam Mohyuddin Wane


 The mind,heart,love and prayers are discussed in this poem. All religions pray to their God. In fact God is one and universal. We have divided him and wrapped Him in different forms, clours and faiths. He is one and spiritually he is unique and has no form but a universe appeal. We need to cultivate His true over which is in the cover of love (Spiritualism) FOR HIM nod him alone devoid of caste, colour and race.

 1.Na hi janon esq ma,sajud be hi bus rasam, Basa woh jo wajood ma ,her sans hi sajood ma The true love does not obey the customs framed by mind and the world. The ordinary surrender and prayers seem as if just imitated and encircled by those laws of the times and are rituals and customs. They are rituals to train our body and mind towards the love of one and only one the God. One who has found him and attained His beloved nearness is in a set of wilderness and his every berth is a sigh for the prayer of his lord. Here the ordinary customary prayers are nothing before the spiritual and eternal love of the beloved ,described and hinted in following pares.

 2.Kai hi khaber mansoor ki,joolus gaya janoon ma, Jo pather say na ho saka,who phool na he kar deya Here the cover of Mansoor is referred who destined himself in the love for truth and God. When all those who were ignorant of his piousness and love threw stones on him ,he laughed at them as all were ,threw a rose petal to register his appreciation of him, he cried in agony. Here those who ignore the truth knowingly are to be blamed and cursed and not those who are just rumor mongers and deceitful.

3.Joo Iql hi wajood ki,hi bus sooch see sajood ma Yeh isq hi aur shy,parwana milay khak ma The understanding and mental perception is just an endowment to obey our creator the God. This is the prayer in all forms and sect’s .The wilderness of janoon is something else,differrent from the regular and interrupted perceptions. He or she has cultivated and internal and external bliss for the love and its each breath counts Him and Him alone. He has just cultivated the beloved in him and sees to it and towards him all his life free of wish, lust and ambition.

4.Joo shamah jel kar pegal gaye,ahhoon ma he serk gaye Who intezare esq ma belk belk kar mur gaye

The candle here is referred to the beloved who under the warmth of love melts in tears and reduces to non entity. This is parallel to the cannon of the moth to burn in her fire, and reduces itself to ashes. This is a smile to God and His lover in esq –e-ehaqeqi. who iqal ka numrrod thaw,bus wajuod ka garoor thaw, Joo aag na jela seki ,woh esqe abrahim thaw

Here reference is to the numrood who tried to burn Hastate Abrahim in fire, as he did not accept him as God. His esq was truth which converted the fire into numrood and initiated His Nimrods destruction and devastation .

 6.Mereye nazer say dekh laye,joo urshe asman par hi, Wohe khuda,wohe…

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