The damaging effects of makeup on teens

Today’s American teens have an image to keep; and for many, that image includes masking their faces in makeup every day. In fact, some refuse to leave the house without it on. Unfortunately, makeup can have damaging effects on a teenager’s skin and even cause additional health woes.

Makeup-Induced Acne

Teens might have an idea of the influence makeup has on their skin, but they may not fully comprehend the problematic connection to skin problems like acne. In one study in Brazil, 45 percent of women who used makeup religiously had skin disease related to the makeup they were wearing.

At the same time, 14 percent suffered from makeup-induced acne lesions. This specific type of acne actually has its own medical term too—acne cosmetica.

Since teens often use makeup more heavily than do adults, they have a greater chance of suffering from skin problems. In addition, the pressure of body image and social status from their peers will prompt them to cover any blemishes with even more makeup. In turn, this action will worsen the acne, creating a harmful cycle of skin damage that may take months or years to reverse.


Makeup’s Damaging Effects

More than ever before, both teens and tweens are wearing makeup. In one survey, an online makeup retailer found that young girls are starting to use makeup regularly as early as age 11. That starting age has dropped several years since the 90s, and health professionals are concerned by this trend.

First, most of the makeup on the market actually have harmful chemicals in them. Researchers have linked these chemicals to various health issues due to the known or suspected effects on people’s hormones.

In young teens whose hormones are just developing, these chemicals can offset the body’s balance and could lead to detrimental effects like infertility and even skin cancer.

In the case of cancer, however, it is important to note that research merely shows a possible link. Studies would need a long lifespan of…

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