The angle in deep darkness of dawn and dusk

The angle in deep darkness of dawn and dusk

By Prof Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani

 When all world sleeps and whole universe is calm, the Maher awaits visitor across those just faded and disappeared horizons of east and west. Far away millions of miles, some one remembers him and his eye twinkle and twinkle. He closes his eyes and a deep inhaled intoxication allure him to the angle of the wild .Just unknown and unrecognized but not a fig of imagination or subconscious state of mind, Nay he is not tranquilized but in complete senses and he percieves  the signals as if a TV motion picture is on and the action begins .

The angle appears always in the darkness of the dusk or says just before midnight, when whole the universe is calm and quiet and motionless. There is no traffic on the roads and the chilly winds of the temperate winters and summers bring all wherever it suites as night  befalls them. Around this time the western world of den,clubs,bars and hotels along with brotherials are busy in their evils, emotional out bursts and all sort of good and evil perpetuate in the darkness of the dusk and falling hours of the night .

Some pious and spiritual saints are too busy at these hours to remember their creator under different names but for the  a solace and comfort of nerves and mind and heart .Similarly at dawn before the sunrise when all the evil are deep in sleep, the pious and nice wake up and offer their greetings to their God. It is the time when the mosque azans, temple bells and church rings and bells along with all religious places enchant praise and praise of the God.

The angle wakes up and deeply immersed in divine fragrance emerges and enchants mahe .By that time he has  just finished his prayers and a recitation of his religious sermons and all connected mantras. The scent of the angle come as a red light signal to all his vital parts which are alarmed, revived and regenerated as if dead has been revived to life by that magic fragrance of the angle.

 The entire street dogs either shreik or sleep at these hours but the house pet knew and feels the scent of the angle and as  if his master he behaves and alerts himself to welcome the guest. He licks, pushes and pumps him and brings him in as his own. The angle too breaks all bonds of having made of fire, she embraces the pet in her golden embrace and their love is worth seen. It looks the two have never met and every meet is their first meet, just like the bride and her groom on the first honey moon journey away from the crowd. They donot share the worlds woes and joys but remain immersed in one another’s souls like those love birds who hardly  care for anyone but their love on the twigs of the open tress, like my house sparrows. They never  ask or care for the caste, colour and age and the race or source of their emrgence.They only know love and love alone.

They are not bothered for that milk glass or the ritual formalities of this and that but love and love again. They do not…

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