TERI University and its Alumni Win Several Accolades; Win Further Recognition for the Esteemed Institution

TERI University, renowned for its Thought Leadership in the field of sustainable development, has added more feathers to its cap. The University known to offer unique and global programmes that are relevant to our times earned the “Most Innovative Curriculum” award at the India Today Aspire Education Summit 2012. It is a prestigious award that can only bring further recognition to the work carried out by the University in the fields of research and education.

The university has also been known for its emphasis on environmentally friendly innovation and education, a growing field of study that the university has successfully imparted to its students. It also does its best to foster a research-minded student body, which is an approach that helps students in their future careers. So, it was fitting, and well-deserved, that TERI University was awarded the “Greenest University and Research Institution Award” in the competitive assessment that was organized by Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) at COP 19 in Warsaw, Poland.

TERI University has always strived to create a conducive learning environment for its students where they can develop both personally and intellectually. It does that through the medium of dynamic teaching pedagogy, and through creating and sharing knowledge that students can benefit from. A true measure of a university’s achievements, however, can be seen in the success of its alumni. This is an area where TERI University has achieved great success. Many of its alumni have not only been creating a niche for themselves in their chosen field of work, but have also been winning awards for their contributions to their local communities.

One noteworthy example is that of Rohit Sadaphal who won the Accenture Innovation Jockeys Season 2 – Hunt For India’s Most Innovative Minds Award. An M. Tech student in the field of Urban Development and Management, he was awarded for his submission based on an idea that 14.5 million tonnes of construction waste could be recycled in order to create low-cost housing options for people from lower income groups. What makes his success notable is the fact that he was one of 51,000 entrants in the competition.

Rohit received tremendous support from his University, including faculty members who were ready to go out of their way to aid him in any way that they could. Such is the diverse nature of classrooms at TERI University. Rohit also benefited from brainstorming with colleagues whose input, according to him, was vital to his submission. Another achiever from the University happens to be Archana Dayal, an M Sc (Climate Science and Policy) from the 2011 Batch. She was chosen to be a part of the 33rd Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica. Her achievement earned her notable coverage in the mainstream media, and she proudly mentioned the contribution of her University towards her success in this endeavour.

Talking to HT Allahabad, Archana said, “During my course work on the Glacier Hydrology project, I had the exciting opportunity to join an expedition to Golahoi glacier in the Western Himalayan region of Kashmir. I was very fortunate for the opportunity to study the geomorphological features of the glacier.” This experience further fuelled Archana’s passion for travel and fitness. The University has done its best to inspire students to excel in academia by providing them with many opportunities for holistic learning. This dedication is obvious in the recent success and recognition won by some of its students. Three of its students from the Department of Natural Resources received an award at the GIS Quiz Competition in the 14th ESRI India User Conference held in New Delhi. Another student from the department, Abdulhakim Ahmed, won the Best Oral Presentation Award at the same conference in 2013. He followed in the footsteps of Anusheema Chakraborty, who had won the award previous year.

TERI University’s focus on research was evident when one of its papers, “Possible interventions and challenges related to control of water depletion in Vasant Kunj and Masoodpur Delhi”, earned notable recognition. It was chosen as one of the top entries of Earthian ’13. Therefore, through its consistent performance and that of its alumni, the University seems to have solidified its position as a seat of advanced learning that aims to serve society and contribute to global initiatives.

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