Teeth Whitening in Florence SC,Getting Dentures in Florence SC

Having a great smile is not so difficult or time consuming as it did before. With the advancements in dentistry, procedures like teeth whitening in Florence, SC, and fixing broken teeth with dentures are easy to do these days.

Making your teeth sparkling white again

One cosmetic dentistry procedure that easily gives you a bright smile is teeth whitening. With many different kinds of chemicals and equipment, dentists can bring the shine back to your teeth.

Most of the teeth whitening procedures available in the market use a kind of peroxide chemical to make teeth white. Among the procedures available to you are whitening toothpastes, rinses, strips, and gels. One of the more effective techniques uses a mouth guard-like tray. The tray holds the whitening gel and keeps your teeth in contact with them for a couple of hours. Mouth trays are also bought off-the-shelf, but your dentist can give you custom-fitted ones, which give a better fit and better results.

Teeth whitening in Florence, SC, can also be done in your dentist’s office. These procedures use a peroxide gel similar to those in whitening trays. The dentist will apply this directly to your teeth. The only difference with in-office teeth whitening is speed: depending on how stained your teeth are, the procedure lasts only for thirty minutes or an hour.  This is possible through the special properties of the peroxide gel used for in-office treatments. Heat, a special light, or lasers hasten the teeth whitening properties. Results come in almost immediately, although for maximum effect, patients return for several more sessions.

Fixing broken smiles

If in case you cannot smile due to cracked or broken teeth, one way to fix it is with dentures in Florence, SC. Dentures are replacements for missing teeth or complete those with enough portions remaining. They are one of the more common cosmetic dentistry procedures for damaged teeth.

If a broken tooth has enough of its structure left, your dentist might recommend using only partial dentures. The replacement portions hold together using a gum-colored plastic base connected by a metal framework. They attach to crowns beside the tooth that needs the replacement bits, but there are new kinds of dentures do not need attachment to nearby crowns.

One way to compensate for a removed tooth is through the use of complete dentures. Conventional dentures are used to replace lost teeth after the gum tissue has healed. Around two to four months since the removal of your teeth, you can start using your dentures.

One type of denture is usable immediately after removal of the teeth. Called “immediate” dentures, these are put into position as soon as your teeth are removed. This means a patient need not go without teeth during the healing period. They require more adjustments than conventional dentures, though, as your bone and gums shrink over time. Impartial dentures are only a temporary solution until the actual, conventional dentures in Florence, SR, arrive.

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