Team Building From The Ground Up

Team building events are welcomed with open arms these days – particularly with the economy enduring such a rollercoaster ride. It can be nice to be out and about with your colleagues for the day, whether you’re doing something lively and active or something with a little more brain power.


The problem with planning this type of event is deciding what is the best way to motivate your work force. Everyone is likely to have different opinions on how best to build team morale, not to mention different skill levels and physical activity preferences. It can seem like an endless task to find the right destination. This is where an experienced events management company can step in and take the reins. With years of expertise behind them, these type of organisers know what kind experiences are available and by working closely with them, they’ll provide you with a range of ideas for the whole team.

It helps to have a few ideas in mind when you approach an events company. For example, whether you are just after a one-day outing or are happy to opt for an entire weekend of activity. Once you’ve set a time frame and a budget, everything else falls into place with relative ease.

Once you know how long you’re taking your team away for, consider feasibility of more active options. There are fantastic activity days out there with zip wires, climbing walls and other adrenaline-fuelled pursuits, but if you have colleagues with physical limitations you ought to consider whether they would be suited to running around in a muddy field. Another consideration is attendees that have family responsibilities. If you plan an exciting weekend getaway, but fail to inform your team of the dates, you may end up with a disgruntled task force that are unable to schedule in child care or other arrangements. This is meant to be about team morale after all – communicate with your colleagues from the word go.

Innovative ideas for Team Building

Spa Days
Far from being just for brides-to-be, spa packages often have a variety of treatments aimed at both men and women. This kind of day out is particularly well suited to companies that work in a highly stressful environment. Giving your employees the chance to be pampered might just be the antitode they need to reinvigorate them in a tense work place.

Murder Mystery Weekends
How about something that encourages everyone to work together, and pool together their collective skills in a game of Sherlock? There are many options for this type of getaway, and chances are your team will welcome the opportunity to step out of their own lives for a while and get stuck into a bit of role play!

Theme Parks
Not for the faint hearted! A good old fashioned way to blow off some steam, how about releasing the stresses of day to day working with a white-knuckle ride of a day? Screaming off some of that tension in a legitimate way is bound to get everybody feeling motivated.

These are just three ways that an events management company could help you…

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