Teachers Want Students To Play With This Toy In Class Hint: Not Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners hold nearly every spot on Amazon’s list of 20 best-selling toys, according to Open Webpage. Link: http://openwebpage.online/a855e4ebf49b78aec9d6601911fc5ef2/01f33412b7bfa10974c48c99f03e2fd4/b6750740df85517e0da6c8a595ecccd4.html However, according to Working Mother magazine, teachers hate fidget spinners. They are more of an annoyance and distraction than a help. Two-thirds of the largest 200 high schools nationally prohibit fidget spinners, according to Spinner List, a fidget spinner database. Link: https://spinnerlist.com/pages/fidget-spinners-new-ban-study

“Fidget spinners are the effing worst,” wrote 6th-grade English teacher Cristina Bolusi Zawacki in a Working Mother magazine article that was shared more 209,000 times on Facebook. Link: http://www.workingmother.com/what-are-fidget-spinners

The Solution for Fidgeting?

There’s no arguing that kids need to move, especially those with special needs. What should kids use instead of fidget spinners to alleviate hyperactivity, anxiety and related problems?

Bouncy Bands. The heavy-duty rubber band stretches across the bottom of desk legs or the front legs of chairs and let kids tap or bounce their legs quietly while seated. Kids with short legs can rest their feet on the Bouncy Bands instead of dangling them all day.

A national survey of nearly 700 students in grades K through 12 prove the effectiveness of Bouncy Bands: Link: http://BouncyBands.com/Research

●    88% of students said Bouncy Bands help them focus in class.

●    87% said Bouncy Bands help them feel calmer in taking tests.

●    98% said Bouncy Bands are fun.

A national survey of parents and teachers showed equally compelling results:

●    92% of teachers and parents said Bouncy Bands help students release energy.

●    76% said students stay on task longer with Bouncy Bands.

●    71% said Bouncy Bands make kids calmer during tests.

Teachers beg for Bouncy Bands. More than 600 teachers across the country are currently seeking donations through Donor’s Choose to get Bouncy Bands ($13.95 to $16.95) for their classrooms. Link: https://www.donorschoose.org/donors/search.html?keywords=bouncy%20bands

“My students need Bouncy Bands for their desks to improve on-task behavior and increase learning by removing the need to get up and walk around the classroom,” Mrs. Webb, a teacher at Vista Heights Middle School in Saratoga Springs, Utah, wrote on her Donor’s Choose page, seeking $432 to have 20 Bouncy Bands shipped and installed.

“Students with high energy levels would be able to release energy that may negatively affect their work,” wrote Mrs. Limbaugh of Cord-Charlotte Elementary School in Charlotte, Ark. She’s trying to raise $118.60 for 10 Bouncy Bands and about $2,000 for other supplies and…

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