Taste traditional food to gain true Indian experience

Food is necessary for human survival. It is the outburst of flavours that people become inclined towards eating different types of cuisines. Foodies love relishing and savouring traditional cuisines because of their innate flavours.  It is the food that restores health to the human body. Without health the human anatomy loses its endurance and tolerance level. Health is the pivotal concern that hovers in a person’s mind.  It is mandatory that a person whether employed or unemployed takes care of his health and wellbeing. Regular workout sessions and other exercises complementing a healthy lifestyle are necessary for mental and physical wellness.

Indian food has garnered accolades and immense popularity for its nutritious appeal. Indian food is a melange of aboriginal herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits. This nutritious mesh-mash creates a flavoursome appetizing delicacy. Vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food items are required by the human body in balanced proportions. If vegetables increase the stamina and agility of the human body then meaty treats provide optimum strength to the bones and other internal organs. The variety of food items served on the plate makes a person crave for more. The human anatomy yearns for a balanced diet. Thus there is a need to incorporate balanced meals on a regular basis. A balanced diet consists of green leafy vegetables and meaty treats along with fruits. A balanced diet maintains and administers the flow of blood in the body. Moreover the sugar levels are also kept under control.

Traditional food is a pastiche of innate and aboriginal culinary skills. The unique cooking preparations make traditional food tasty and appetizing. The indigenous elements of Indian food make it a popular speciality amongst foodies. People all over the world are familiar with the full flavoured palatability Indian food has to offer.  People from across the globe, travel to remote areas of India to savour an ordinary household delicacy. Restaurants tend to serve popular Indian dishes like Thali. However travellers are unaware of the different type of thalis available in India. Every community in India serves thalis. North Indian, West India and South India are known for their delicious thalis. The food items served on the plate may be different however the whole idea and concept remains the same.

Food and supplements make up for the lost nutrients. It is found that consuming nutritious Indian food tends to atone for the lost nutrients. Therefore there is no need for intake of additional supplements.  Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal and Karnataka are all well known food hubs of the Indian sub continent. When travellers visit these places they do not leave the place without tasting the local flavours. The spicy and sweet upbeat roadside treats make a traveller’s visit fun and thrilling. Food has become the crux of every cultural and tradition. Every Indian event and occasion is incomplete without Indian…

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