Talcum Powder: Making Emergency Comfortable

While baby dust, also known as talc, may be a bit elaborate it can be a workhouse when it comes to real-world preparedness and survival.

If you consider all of the infectious agents, parasites and parasitic pests out in a world loaded with the undead, proper hygiene sounds like more than a great idea, it’s a requisite. Luckily for all of us little things such as somewhat of talcum powder can go a long way toward keeping clean and keeping insects off the human body.

Outliving the undead often means a great deal of hard work and at least a bit of running, and the same goes for living through most varieties of disasters and survival situations. With hard work and major workout usually comes rashes sweat… and occasionally. They can really be breeding grounds for disaster, while rashes could sound uncomfortable. Rashes frequently invite disease, which in turn can invite illness and even death. Utilizing a bit of talcum powder on the human body, especially in troublesome areas such as the groin, bottom, feet and leaves will not only keep you smelling fresh, it can help keep rashes and discomfort at bay… irrespective of exactly how many Zombies you might be on the work from or what circumstances you’re attempting to survive.

Along with maintaining your body healthy and quicker on the go, talcum dust is useful as a dry wash to get the bugs, determination, dirt and oil of each and every day survival out-of your hair and off your body. Talcum powder will help decrease the accumulation of water and reduce not just odors, but fungus too, when included with apparel and footwear.

Therefore grab a little 4 oz. Box next time you’re at the shop and add it to your Emergency kit, since it’s bound to come in handy for a broad variety of reasons and survival situations.

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