Summertime Activities in Albuquerque

Make your reservations at a nearby Albuquerque hotel and take part in everything Albuquerque, New Mexico has to offer in the summer time. With great Albuquerque lodging nearby, the city is host to an array of summertime events that will have you enjoying every minute of your stay. Concerts, markets and festivals line the streets of the city and Albuquerque accommodations are just minutes away!

A unique feature that encompasses the state of New Mexico is the open air outdoor markets and festivals. After checking in at a conveniently located Albuquerque hotel, take a stroll through Albuquerque’s downtown area and visit one of the only open-air markets that feature 100% all natural locally grown state produce. Also, make sure to visit Tijeras and Corrales which house a wide variety of jewelry, fine art, music and food.

For the art and music lover in you, stop by Sabor Albuquerque taking place June 7-16, 2012. Located nearby convenient Albuquerque lodging in the downtown area, this new event showcases and displays the city’s best in terms of art and culture and includes the Festival Flamenco Internacional de Albuquerque. Along with dancing and art, the festival will also feature the Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque which encompasses some of the world’s most talented mariachi musicians.

While making your Albuquerque accommodations, make sure to be close by to attend the 13th annual Albuquerque Folk Festival taking place June 2, 2012. The festival includes crafts, dances, workshops and various other performances that the whole family can enjoy! The New Mexico Jazz Festival is also a must do summer activity in Albuquerque. Featuring over a dozen concerts throughout 12 days, the jazz lover in you is sure to appreciate the fine music the city has to offer.

For a fine night of dancing after checking into your Albuquerque hotel, check out Friday nights at the Albuquerque Museum’s Amphitheater. Food, beverages, and best of all, salsa music, are available for the public to enjoy a night out dancing. For an additional night out under the stars, check out the Albuquerque Summerfest, an outdoor summer festival featuring local and national musical artists.

In addition, there is no need to worry about transportation. After securing your Albuquerque lodging, take advantage of the Rapid Ride After Dark transportation schedule. The Rapid Ride After Dark summer schedule is available every Friday and Saturday night until September 26th. Additionally, the Rapid Ride After Dark runs every 20 minutes from 8pm to 3 am so you are able to enjoy your summer nights hassle-free!

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