Some Facts about Advertising on the Television

What makes a television so special even today in the age of internet? The Internet is more than capable of performing a television’s functions. It can play any kind of music for you. It can advertise for you and help you communicate effectively. So why go for a television?

Well, the answer is very simple. People still prefer reality more than flexibility. This is exactly why there is a big demand for Television deals in the electronic markets today. A TV is a TV and nothing can replace it. If there was no demand for TV we would not have the big screen commercials any more. But that is not the case.

Here, let us look into what it takes to make up an effective TV Commercial?

1.The Budget Factor
It is very important to decide on how much you are going to spend on your advertisement after doing the basic homework on your advertisement. An ideal budget should be 10% to 20% of your total advertisement cost.

2.Be careful in hiring your production company
Some companies in the US make up their own commercials. This is not advisable. Approach an agency that will be able to find a good production company for you. These agencies will take a good amount of commission from you. If you do not want to spend on commission, make your own research.

Be careful in enquiring things. The more time you spend on research, the better it is for you. Before signing up agreements call them up for a meeting and enquire on the hidden costs.

3.After hiring a professional company
The job is not yet done after hiring a professional company. Listen to the concept of the advertisement and make sure that these advertisers are working on an original concept. Remember you are spending money so that you can take it back in double. You just cannot afford to relax.

4.Decide on what kind of advertisement you want
There are two main streams of advertisements – one for immediate response from customers and the other for branding. The former is one in which you give an ad and get immediate responses where customers call you for enquiry. A typical example of this is a job opening advertisement.

The second category is known as branding commercials. Here, you want your customers to feel good about your product so that they may purchase your product at a later stage.

While the first category suits large companies with big brand names, the second option is just right for small businesses. Here, you get immediate response and you have the option of explaining your business to your customers.

4. How long is your advertisement?

Usually an advertisement runs for 30 seconds. But a very short advertisement can be very effective as well. So do not count on the time. Think of what best explains your product or what best attracts your customers.

5.The plot
Remember, an advertisement is very short and it is important to give the best possible video within the allotted seconds. Therefore think of short, catchy and punchy techniques. A joke or an unexpected twist in your video would help people remember your ad for…

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