Skin care products packaging with mystery and glass material safety

 When speaking a bottle of lotion. The loaded emulsion bottles, there can be many different materials — glass, plastic, metal hose etc. The emulsion into the different materials of the bottle, the consumer is not clear between emulsion and packaging materials can produce chemical changes, it will dissolve what is harmful to the skin composition. Skin care products containing container, quality, health, use, preservation are closely related. For consumers, in addition to appreciate the brand aesthetics and creative, to know how to select the most suitable for packaging materials to ensure the maintenance of the quality of goods, it also learn how to use and preservation, to wipe his face skin care products without any menace from the “rear”.

The following takes the reader to break skin care products packaging:

What kind of packaging material is the safest?

With most of the plastic it has a high proportion of 80 per; the glass is second, accounted for only 8 per. But with much more does not mean that the plastic is more suitable for filling and maintenance products. To cause or plastic can change degree tall, various size specifications, shape, color, transparent, opaque can do it. Light weight, sent simple, good printability, recyclable and so on, it is a plastic container is used for selection. Destiny of plastics is not heat, light resistance, solvent resistance is poor (especially fats). Therefore, the plastic container appeared the first bottleneck is not high temperature steam sterilization, no washing with water, no light sterilization.

  Compared with plastics, glass can hot, light fastness, heat resistance and solvent resistance, absolute victory. So unless it is the poor quality of the glass, skin care products best suited to the home is a glass container.

  Metal material in the molding styles restrictions, container with cylinder (oil bottles), wide mouth bottle (LIP), filling the skin care products are pure ointment, most of the time as the cap, cap and other accessories.

  Color containers is also important

  Skin care products packaging coat of every hue on their creativity, but care contact lining (especially plastic cream bottle) to pure white as the most suitable. It is easy to observe the skin to change, followed by free plastic dye stripping pollution products.

  When maintenance is acidic, it is easy oxidation, pure oil wax composition or solvent (such as oil, alcohol, oil), if the glass container, plastic container or in the best staining suitable persons, in order to avoid color stripping infiltration product risk.

  As to direct material in contact with the glass container, the color is dark, the material inside the freshness preservation of more favorable. For not accustomed to skin care products will be in after each use will receive in the drawer cupboard man, dark bottle is a good choice.

  Of course, the more highly active maintenance, such as antioxidant, anti-aging, whitening skin care products, the…

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