Ski to Sea downhill skiing/snowboarding all about the climb


Year leg added to the race: 1973 (one of original three); snowboarding added as an option in 2004.

Where: Mt. Baker Ski Area.

Course length: Approximately 2½ miles.

Approximate time to complete: 20 minutes for top finishers, 25 to 45 minutes for everyone else.

2020 DH map (2)

Course description: This leg is not so much about skiing or snowboarding as it is about the climb up the mountain before competitors can ski or snowboard back down. After a quick ski to the bottom of Chair 2, competitors begin a 1,000-foot climb to the top of Chair 1. They then put their skis or snowboards back on to speed down Gunner’s Ridge, Blueberry Cat Track, Home Run and 7-Hills to the exchange point beside the Ski Shop.

Downhill skiing/snowboarding race chair: Adam Morvee.

Pre-race meeting: 7 a.m. at the Ski Shop.

Recommended departure time from Bellingham: 4:45 a.m.

Timing chip: Receive the chip from the cross-country skier, ski the leg and pass the chip off to the runner. The runner will swipe the chip to get the finish time for the downhill skiing/snowboarding leg. The downhill skier/snowboarder does not swipe the chip at either end of the leg.

1 Time since Ski to Sea started in 1973 that…

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