Searching for a Venue for that Special Occasion?

If you’re celebrating a special Birthday, anniversary, occasion or event, make sure you find the perfect venue to really impress your guests!


Where’s the best place to host the event?

As with many special family occasions, your guests may be travelling from all over the UK, and so it’s important to try to find somewhere which is easily accessible for them, or at least a location which will suit as many of them as possible. The East Midlands, for example, is particularly ideal if you have people attending from the north and the south. Loughborough is situated in the heart of the East Midlands, and has excellent transport links. It’s important to find a venue that is close to things like the train station, bus stops and even the airport (depending on how far afield they are travelling from). Ideally the venue will have directions on their website that your delegates can refer to.


How do I know if the venue has everything I need?

A good starting point is to book an appointment with the Events Coordinator at the venue you had in mind, and check it out for yourself – after all, you are the best judge of what your friends and family will like! You may also want to consider any special requirements such as wheelchair access, or how about choosing a town centre location so that the young ones can continue the party into the night at the local clubs afterwards! Checking whether the venue has enough toilet facilities, and where the lift is in relation to the room, are factors that are sometimes overlooked, but it’s handy to know so that you can offer direction if asked. Enquire about the venue’s heating and air conditioning system and how easily this can be altered so that your guests feel as comfortable as possible and enjoy the night. There should also be plenty of staff there on the day of your event to assist where required.

The Rooms

What do you expect from the venue itself?

Whether your party is for 15 or 150 people, it’s really important to ensure that the room itself is the right size and sets a welcoming atmosphere. You can discuss requirements with the venue and take advice on which room is most suitable, as well as discussing the logistics of the event. For example you may wish to use the foyer area of the venue for welcome drinks to greet your guests, you may need an additional room as a greenroom for your band or DJ, you may want to enquire about whether there is an additional area for guests to relax and chat.


Whether it’s a nibble or a feast, is it going to be tasty?

Budget is always important when it comes to the catering at your event, but you need to choose a venue who can provide quality fresh food, even if you’re just ordering a basic sandwich selection. Of course you want to try to meet everyone’s expectations when it comes to the food, so don’t be afraid to check if you had something in mind that doesn’t appear on the set menus – if you’ve been to a party where a…

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