Renaissance Festivals – Where the History Enlivens

The renaissance festivals present the perfect demonstration of the renaissance times – the era of reawakening in Europe. Besides, the festivals also cover several aspects of the medieval era. These fests are organized in various cities in the western world throughout the year. Many of them are divided into the weekends, and each weekend contains some special themes. On the other hand, the small ren-fests are completed in just two or three days.

The major attractions that you may find in these fests include people’s clothing styles, jousting activities & archery competitions, knighting ceremonies, stalls, medieval & renaissance occupations, entertainment activities and more.

Clothing styles of people: A large number of individuals in these fests can be seen in the fashion trends based on the old-age styles like medieval, renaissance and pirate. Although, the casual dresses are also allowed to the visitors, but still the renaissance dress remains the first choice of a large number of men and women. The outfits in the myriad of colors give a charm to the festival.

Jousting activities & archery competitions: The jousting activities remain widely popular in these fests. Some men and women ride the horses in the warrior dresses and hit other jousters with lances in these fests. Moreover, a number of individuals keeping the bows and the arrows can be witnessed in the archery competitions.

Knighting Ceremonies: The knighting ceremonies would take place in the medieval and renaissance times for conferring knighthood to the warriors. It was a prestigious rank given to the warriors during that era. In the knighting ceremonies, a number of oaths had to be taken by the warriors and knighthood was conferred by a senior knight or monarch by touching the sword on his head. The demonstration of this ceremony can be seen in the fests. A number of boys in medieval or renaissance dress can be seen getting the knighthoods.

Stalls: Stalls of household items, medieval/renaissance/pirate fashion clothing, food, antiques and a number of other things can be seen in these festivals. These stalls are the great source for individuals who like to shop something different.

Medieval & renaissance occupations: The stalls of some of the occupations in the renaissance and medieval style also remain a special allure as they provide the perfect demonstration of these eras. The stall of the medieval-style blacksmiths are the perfect instances in this respect.

Entertainment activities: Besides, various entertainment activities in the styles of renaissance and contemporary times also remain the special trend in the recent times. The one-act plays of William Shakespeare and the theatre named Commedia dell’arte are not only the perfect sources of entertainment but also provide the ideal demonstration of renaissance age theatres in some modified form. In addition, various dance and music activities also remain the special attraction for the people.

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