Quick Tips to Avoid Data Tracking

Google has again come out with its latest set of services that is affecting privacy with its feature-shared endorsements. This new feature is going to use your picture and name in ads that are already on Google property sites. This works on friend’s recommendation related to restaurants and music choices. It seems more like sponsored stores of Facebook. This means that browsers, apps and other third-party websites use your information. It is annoying to realize that all the while you thought you were just clicking through some links it stored and then your choices and the information is being used along with your name on it. This is not only annoying but also seems like privacy infringement. However, if you know how to opt out of it you will be easily able to get out of it for good. Given here are quick tips to avoid data tracking that can be easily applied by you.

Targeted Advertisements

Every website has a set of its own privacy policies, which includes your reviews and likes in their ads. It is hard to remove these advertisements without a tool like AdBlock but it is still possible to opt out of it. You can apply some simple steps that will help you pulling out of it all.

Shared Endorsements

Shared endorsements store your likes that you hit on websites like YouTube and reviews from GooglePlay and Google Maps. Your connections are able to view it as ads. You can easily opt out of it by going to Google+ -> Preferences-> Ads section->Shared Endorsements. This section displays names and profile pictures that are already a part of shared endorsements. Uncheck the box against this option to get rid of it.

Interest-Based Ads

You must have come across term interest-based advertising, this is provided by Google. This too collects your web profile and search history to provide you ads accordingly. It is possible to opt out of this by going to Settings page in Google Ad->opt out settings and follow the automated commands.

Storing information through browsers

Ever wondered when you browse using search engines your browser is actually watching your every move closely. This data is then stored, analyzed and is used for providing better targeted ads to you. This way you will be able to get results based on your personal choices and fine tuned results. However, you still have a choice of turning off tailor-made filtering.


Preferences->Web history is on option, turn it off, you also have a choice to delete all your searches from here.


Settings-> History, turn off, here you have an option to delete your pervious Bing search history.


Go to Preferences-> Keep Search History->Search history off and save.

Cookie Tracking

Whenever you visit a website there are cookies or third-party cookies where your files are created. This stores your information that comes in use when you visit that website again. Even though it is said that these maintain your anonymity but it is always best to turn this option off from…

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