Promotional Merchandise: Information For Beginners

Promotional merchandise consists of several items that are used to promote, endorse and advertise a certain company, event or a particular brand name and the products they offer to customers. These items used for promotion usually have an image on them representing the company or brand (i.e. their logo) being endorsed or advertised. These items are usually given away at trade shows or conferences, various marketing campaigns and events such as product launches and exhibitions.


Items that are commonly used for promotional merchandise usually consist of t-shirts, mugs, cups, hats, caps, key chains, pens, mouse pads, bumper stickers, umbrellas, USBs, wristbands, carrier bags, badges, calendars and many more. Most promotional items are only small and relatively cheap, however, there are those companies that can afford more expensive ones like luxurious goods, perfumes and gadgets such as those in the iPod family. These expensive items are usually given to famous personalities. The celebrities will then be asked for a picture to be taken of them holding that particular product or item, which is another strategy of the company for their promotional merchandise.


Other goods such as expensive handbags are also given to celebrities but not for them to be taken a picture with the product – these are usually given because of the company’s hopes that the famous person will use or wear that particular item in public, as well as in certain events and premieres, which will generate exposure and publicity, therefore, more customers, for the brand name and company of the product that the celebrity is sporting.


These particular items for endorsement are not only used by businesses. They could also be used by politics to endorse their causes or the ones they support. These products are also used to show the candidates for election and are given to the supporters of those running for various positions in the government. These promotional merchandise items are also used for organizations, for example, those in schools and various charities, usually to promote fund raising activities and awareness campaigns. One good example of an awareness campaign is the “Livestrong” wristband or bracelet which was released worldwide, to support and endorse cancer awareness and raise money for cancer research.


Here are some promotional merchandise ideas if you are new to the business world or you just simply need some tips:


  • These giveaways should be creative enough to catch the eyes and attention of your targeted audience and lure them to your shop.


  • They should also be planned properly – you need to choose the ones that are closely related to your business and also, they need to support the message you want to deliver to your targeted audience. For example, if you have opened a new pet store or pet care center, you could place your logo or marketing campaign on items related to your store such as pet dishes, collars, Frisbees, chewables for pets…

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