People Do Not Follow Recommendations For Contact Lens Usage

Many people who wear contact lenses say that they know how to use and store contact lenses, and which recommendations are related to them, but, almost, nobody follows these recommendations!


Less than 1% of respondents fully complied with provided recommendations, such as washing hands before handling lenses, using a new fluid every time instead of immersion of lenses in old fluid and often change of the box for lenses.


Contact Lens Awareness


New study involved patients who go to eye examinations in private or student clinic. Over 85% of patients thought that they comply with all recommendations for use of lenses, and only 0.4% of them are, actually, following recommendations.


The study also found that almost everyone knew what to do in order to avoid complications, but only few of them actually adhered to the rules.


The most common complication was discomfort during lenses wearing (72%) and infection (47%).


Doctors on one University in USA, in their published analysis, are trying to find new strategies to help people to better comply the recommendations for use of contact lenses.


One member of American Optometric Association says that most complications happen because the lenses are not changed regularly. This especially applies to lenses that should be changed in two weeks, where people usually change them in three weeks or a month.


When people wear contact lenses longer than expected or do not follow appropriate recommendations of carrying and storage, there is a bigger chance for accumulation of sediments on them which can lead to chronic redness or infection.



  • Always wash and dry your hands before handling with lenses.
  • Clean the lenses as often as your eye doctor recommended. Rub and clean the lenses with your fingers and rinse thoroughly before placing them in a lens storage case and leave overnight (it is important that the case has enough liquid to cover each lens).
  • Use fresh solution every time you clean and store contact lenses.
  • Never put a new over the old solution because the active ingredient in some solutions can be dissolved.
  • Never use tap water for cleaning and rinsing of lenses or lens case. Tap water may contain microorganisms that can cause an infection.
  • Store contacts in appropriate lens box and replace the box every three months. Clean the lens box after each use and keep it open until it dries.
  • Never wear contacts when swimming.

“Listen to Your Eyes”


It is also recommended that people who sleep with their contact lenses use eye drops intended for people who wear lenses before going to sleep and when they wake up in the morning. Many lenses are designed to be worn continuously for seven days, but for some lenses are approved to be used up to 30 days. People who wear lenses longer than anticipated should “listen to their eyes”. “If you feel that your eyes are dry, that your contact lenses scratch you, irritate, or the eyes are red longer than usual, remove your contact…

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