Onboard Informatics Revolutionizes API Developer Platform for Real Estate

The New Developer Platform from Onboard

“With the new pricing option, it is now easier than ever to get what you need and only pay for what you use,” said Kevin Mattice, Senior Product Manager.

Onboard Informatics today makes it even easier for developers to create next-generation real estate solutions with the relaunch of OnboardAPI.

This single gateway enables partners to access a diverse range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for critical real estate information like property information, value estimates, market trends, points of interest, and key demographics. The platform now also includes property owner and mortgage information.

The robust APIs, developed at the company’s headquarters in New York, will help partners build, scale and enable tomorrow’s real estate solutions. To make this as easy as possible, OnboardAPI is also introducing a new pay-for-what-you-use payment option for early developers. While they continue to offer free access to build solutions, now innovators and entrepreneurs will be able to launch their products without committing to expensive annual contracts. The pay-for-what-you-use model is based on a fixed cost per API call and allows those starting a new business to ramp up without a heavy upfront investment.

“We’ve always been proud of our Developer Platform,” said Jonathan Bednarsh, President of Onboard Informatics. “This relaunch solidifies our commitment to enable our clients and partners along with their developers to innovate and grow their business. We want to empower the next big thing in real estate– not stand in the way. OnboardAPI allows us to do just that.”

Partners can easily connect and integrate with four categories of APIs: property, community, points of interest and area. All data can be cross-referenced for easier search functionality and can be accessed through a single API key. The broad categories of data include robust datasets like Property Value Estimates, Owner Data, and over 5 million public and private establishments. All data can be linked to premium boundaries by zip code, city, state, neighborhood or residential subdivision.

“Instead of people spending time aggregating data, OnboardAPI allows them to focus on building their applications while offering a consistent interface to the data,” said Kevin Mattice, Senior Product Manager. “This platform gives people the flexibility to pull the data they need, instead of sorting through bulk data in different formats. With the new pricing option, it is now easier than ever to get what you need and only pay for what you use.”

The new OnboardAPI provides a streamlined experience and clear, developer-friendly interactive documentation. This year, the…

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