Innovative Online Sim – a New Capability for B2B Dealmaking

Negotiation Training Experts

Negotiation Training Experts

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An innovative online learning tool, previously only available to a few global clients, was released to the public on 28 August 2017 with the new site launch. The Negotiation Sim, developed by The Negotiation Experts gives executives and business owners a powerful and practical tool to learn how to negotiate better commercial deals.

“For the first time ever negotiators are able to make better business decisions by seeing the value of every offer,” says Calum Coburn of Negotiation Experts. “Previously there was no clear way to measure how well negotiators had performed, which meant it took our facilitators and our clients’ team leaders longer to train business people. We break a negotiation taboo at the end of the sim by showing negotiators how well they and their counterpart performed using multiple graphs. Negotiators can clearly see if they achieved a win-win, if they left gold on the table with a lose-win, or even a lose-lose, and most importantly now understand why.”

The Negotiation Sim Role Play is the newest addition to their comprehensive suite of online and classroom business negotiation training courses. Negotiation Experts also offer courses in the cornerstones of negotiation, sales, procurement, and advanced negotiation skills.

While most courses are delivered in their clients’ offices, geographically dispersed teams can now negotiate online with their colleagues or on a public course, learning from the convenience of their own desk; going straight back to work afterwards. The highly practical Negotiation Sim Role Play course requires only 3 hours.

“It’s a real game changer, pun intended,” Coburn adds. “We’ve been evolving our sim with feedback from our corporate clients’ top level negotiators in the US and Europe for many years. Gamification for the first time ever allows negotiators to gain behaviour changing insights into their negotiation style, skills and tactics. For example, negotiators notice the differences in value created and destroyed when they compete versus collaborate. Today’s technology allows our cutting edge Sim to work straight from the browser without installing any software or plugins. We’re happy to give a brief screenshare demo to companies with teams.”

The Negotiation Experts have also released their negotiation customizer tool, allowing businesses for the first time to understand which training options are available and which can be customised. Pricing will soon be added. Previously businesses interested in delivering an in-house class for their teams needed to go through a time consuming and resource intensive RFP process, or a lengthy conversation.

The Negotiation Experts was founded in 2003…

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