MiraBurst Products Now Available on RonnieColemanNutrition.com

“We are excited to announce the debut of MiraBurst tablets on RonnieColemanNutrition.com,” said Dr. Asare.

MiraBurst, a subsidiary of MB Group USA, LLC known for the development of easy-melt tablets using miracle berries as their main ingredient, announced the tablets are now available for purchase on RonnieColemanNutrition.com, a popular website specializing in health and nutritional products.

MiraBurst products have been in the United States since 2014, after Dr. Emmanuel Asare discovered for himself the benefits of the miracle berry that originates from Ghana, West Africa. This unique berry temporarily modifies the taste of all sour and acidic fruits, foods and drinks (like grapefruit, strawberry, lemon water, apple cider vinegar in lemon water, etc.) into something delectably sweet for up to 90 minutes without having to add any sugar or sweetener to the food.

“We are excited to announce the debut of MiraBurst tablets on RonnieColemanNutrition.com,” said Dr. Asare. “This is a website that has earned an outstanding reputation for its selection of high-quality nutritional products. These tablets not only work to improve the flavors of many different foods and drinks, but are also produced from the all-natural and organic miracle berries and a healthy addition to anyone’s diet. We look forward to reaching out to an entirely new selection of customers through this new sales partnership.”

In addition to its main use as a taste modifying berry, miracle berries have also been found to be beneficial to patients with chemotherapy associated metallic taste “metal mouth” by helping to temporarily mask the symptom thus allowing them to enjoy normal food. It also contains twelve active polyphenols that may help improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin and help stabilize blood sugar. Finally, miracle berries have antioxidant properties.

Local tribes in West Africa have used the berry for centuries as a flavor enhancer. The locals found that eating the berry and swirling the pulp in their mouths would make other foods and drinks, especially sour or acidic ones, taste much better and sweeter. Now, Dr. Asare has been able to capture all these benefits in a formulation that comes in the form of an easy-melt tablet and is available all over the world.

MiraBurst is beneficial to anyone who wants to cut down on sugar but still enjoy a sweet flavor, as well as cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy sessions with “metal mouth.” These tablets dissolve quickly in mouths and can modify taste buds for up to 90 minutes.

MiraBurst is a fair trade company that has maintained a focus on bridging the gap between fair trade farmers in Ghana, West Africa and consumers of MiraBurst products all over the world.

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