Mens Dress Shirts – Trend & Tradition in Color, Style and Pattern

Designers are cooking up a stylish storm when it comes to something as simple as mens dress shirts. If you are on a shopping spree, expect to be surprised by a good variety in palette and prints. You will be puzzled over so many options to choose, especially when creative sensibility is so high in the designer maestro’s collections.

Dress shirt teamed up by a jacket and tie is often used as a formal wear for men. Dress shirt, also known as button down shirt can also be used for more a casual look but then you have to bid adieu to tie and jacket.

Men’s Dress Shirt – Now & Then

These days, dress shirts are made out of woven cloth. In days gone by, natural fibers like cotton, silk, wool, linen were used for making shirts. Nowadays natural fiber has been replaced by artificial fiber including polyester or its blend which is much lower on cost front. Cotton makes the ideal material for the making of dress shirts for men. Silk is also on demand for its bright shine though silk-made attire feels hotter on summer days. Linen shirt makes a cool statement. Only problem is that it wrinkles easily.

Stylish Men’s’ Wear

Style, pattern and color have also changed a lot from bygone era to the modern period. Previously, white was the only color for mens shirts NZ. Men’s fashion world has undergone a sea change in the last couple of decades. Bright as well as lighter shades are making a stronger stylish statement. With passage of time, more gorgeous colors like blue, red, maroon have been introduced and that twist in palette is adding oodles of charm to men’s fashion. Lighter shades look summer cool whereas darker shades go well with any evening party.

On style front too, there are some remarkable changes. A traditional full cut style is rubbing shoulder with trendy tailored-fit shirt and athletic cut. Variation in collar design ranging from familiar shape to modern spread look is also adding different appeal to the mens dress shirts.

They are coming in pretty prints too. No monotonous work! A wider variety of pattern is wooing the fashion crazy men’s bracket. Check of various lengths and pattern going strong with the fashion maddies. Color contrast highlighting the checks is most popular.

City shirts have a plain look. Sometimes, stripes are used for designs on them. It is difficult to find a matching necktie for a white striped shirt. However, if you are wearing a plain shirt, you can easily accentuate its look by a necktie of any pattern or color. Usually, men have a strong liking for horizontal stripes. This is because; horizontal stripes make for both casual and formal wear.

Apart from those stated above, seasonal sensation in men’s fashion also makes an addition to color, style and pattern. Keep it in mind that aesthetic beauty always rocks and so choose accordingly. In addition to visiting the brick and mortar shopping malls, you can shop from mens dress shirts online stores. Amazing variations are also available in the online shops…

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