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It is undoubted that power transmission chain has a close relationship with plenty of automobiles. Sometimes, it is also referred to the roller chain which can be used to transfer movement & power from gears to wheels & other moving parts in plenty of applications. There are plenty of types of roller chains. Following are the specific introductions to them.

The first is the conveyor chain which is available in extended pitch sizes like transmission chain. It is a variety of applications such as in industrial mining to move shuttle cars, bridge conveyors & wash boxes. The chain is attached to belts or cars, & then moved around gears. When the gears move, the chain moves, in turn drawing along the items or belt attached to it.

The third type I require to mention is the standard roller chain which is used for moving gears & conveyor mechanisms with precision, often in extended lengths for industrial applications. It is a variety of sizes & strengths. Chain sizes match with a corresponding sprocket type, & the fit of the chain must be tight to prevent it from slipping off while in motion.

The second type is the extended pitch chain which can provide a smoother operation in some heavy-duty applications. “Pitch” in chains is defined as the distance between consecutive rivets divided by, & it therefore designates the size of the chain. In order for a process to gain the advantages of an extended pitch chain, it must be set up to utilize a specific size of chain.

Roller chain has manufacturing ways. Those are riveted & cottered. Riveted chain is made utilizing short pins that go through each link from the side, & then are riveted to provide additional strength. Conveyor Chains also secured on side with a short pin, & then reinforced on the other side with a double-pronged, removable pin called a cotter.
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