Look Into A Hunting Preserve When Educating A Youngster On How To Properly Hunt

If you are a sportsman that is aware of the state of youth hunting in this country, then I am sure that you know our children are the future of hunting for us all. It has never been truer than it is today. The youngsters of this day and age are stuck inside – targeted by corporations whose non-stop attack against them includes TV shows, movies, games and internet programing. All of these distractions have our kids stuck inside doing nothing other than blankly staring into an LED lit screen.


If we hunters are going to successfully compete against these distractions for time with our own kids then we need to give it our best shot. Kids today get instant gratification and satisfaction from the technology that they use. If they want to watch something in particular all they have to do is push a button and instantly it’s on demand for them right in front of their eyes! They have been raised to believe that whatever you want can be had with the push of a button.


That brings me full circle to the topic of this article… “Look Into A Hunting Preserve When Educating A Youngster On How To Properly Hunt.” As parents it’s our responsibility to introduce our kids to hunting and nature. We need them hooked on hunting from the word go not on video games.


Children of this day and age expect video game action where the second you start an activity…BAM the excitement begins. Don’t get me wrong and think that I am saying all sorts of shooting and killing has to happen for this to be a positive experience for them. What I am saying though is that there needs to be lots of action. Seeing several deer or roaming packs of hogs all throughout a property or hunt. For a kids first outing, I think that a Hunting Preserve has distinct advantages over your basic hunting camp/club set-up.


Hunting Preserves by design have lots of animals, superb hunting action, and in most preserves very roomy – quiet – comfortable hunting stands. The word “ACTION” is the key in that last sentence. That’s what the youngsters of today are looking for and that is what we should try and deliver for their 1st hunting trip.


Obviously before your child is ready to go out into the woods and harvest an animal there are several preparations to be made and skills that must be mastered and learned. Hunter safety, firearm handling, outdoorsman skills along with others need to be passed on from adult to child before a hunt can happen. Make it part of your plan from the start that once these skills are mastered the reward is the first hunting trip.


This I know I did right with my child and his 1st hunting experience. I know that he will never forget it. From the word go he was hooked on hunting and I am quite sure that he still is to this very day. Because of the actions I took when he was a young child I now have a life-long hunting partner. He started successfully as a young boy and now at 14 yrs. old he is a very accomplished hunter who has taken several deer all by…

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