Liu Xiang comes back to the top mountain


All Chinese still feel regretted about the Liuxian failure in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Some of us feel disappoint about Liu and his performance, with the rapid development of technologic and  adjustment, with a world fastest time of the season , Chinese sport superstar Liuxiang has succeed come back to the world top level .In spite of running on a wet track, the 28-year-old Liu claimed a overwhelming victory against three American first-class hurdlers at the 2012 Diamond League Shanghai on Saturday. Liu  has already clock the 12.91 seconds of men’s 110m hurdle event. David Oliver of the United States finished second in 13.13s while another American Jason Richardson, newly crowned world champion in Dague last year settled third in 13.16. Merritt was fourth in 13.26.


The goods scores belong to the all efforts and rivals. He performed very well from the start to the end, who has adapted to the strategy of seven steps to the first hurdle.

We have reasons to believe that Olympic Games would be the representative return for Liuxiang. Liu is expecting his third Olympic Games in London, but although the 12.97s was impressive, he said he never thought about how fast he could run in London or whether he can break the world record. He is confident about the performances.

Liu is keep a balanced attitude to the breaking the world record. Who clocked in 12.88 to set a world record in Switzerland in 2006. “To break the world world is everyone’s dream, but it’s so hard to make it true. I performed perfect today and to keep the best form and stand on the Olympic field is my dream.”

In last year’s controversial final in Dague Worlds where Liu’s arm clashed with that of Cuban Dayron Robles, Richardson was the man to benefit, lifting a surprise gold. However Liu expects to compete with Robles again. Both Oliver and Richardson said they were not surprised by Liu’s good result, and Oliver, who was the fastest in the world in 2010 in 12.94s, said he didn’t expect revenge at the Eugene stop in June.

The rival expected to a strong return of Liu and it is also a good vacant for them to make improvement, Richardson, the reigning world champion, was optimistic about his result, which was also his season best, but not satisfied with his performance.

Liu also complimented his rivals. Oliver, Richardson, and Aries Merritt are all top hurdlers. Richardson is the world champion last year, and Merritt had beaten me in indoor championships. They are all very strong.”Liu was impressive over the winter season, but was beaten in the World Indoor Championships over 60m hurdles in Istanbul by Merritt,Liu shocked the world after withdrawing from the Beijing Olympic Games citing a recurrence of chronic inflammation in his right Achilles tendon.

His injury was significant and also ruled him out of the 2009 world championships. He returned to competition after a 13-month absence at the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix in 2009 where he finished second behind Terrence Trammell.


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