Liquid Silicone Molding

Silicone molding services produce molded components made from silicone. Silicone rubber is a two component, synthetic, flexible rubber like material made from silicone elastomers that can be cured at room temperature into a solid elastomer used in molding. It is heat resistant, durable and free of allergens or leachable chemicals. Liquid silicone is similar to normal silicone, but has different processing characteristics. It is purchased as a two part raw material with a grease like viscosity.

Nowadays injection molding of liquid silicon rubber is becoming increasingly important. One reason for this is the increased performance requirements of the finished articles. In addition, more and more producers of rubber parts are seeing benefits in the high level of automation and productivity.

Rubber keypads and components are used for control panels in a variety of industries. Aeronautic controls and components that help spacecraft fly are frequently made from liquid silicone injection molding. Their versatile size, shape and color capabilities allow them to meet the engineering plans and specification drawings down to every precise detail. Their durability and versatility of design make them usable in a variety of environments.

Liquid silicone molding has a number of uses that most people never consider. One is in the use in aeronautics and space flight. Some of its aeronautic uses onboard flight craft might include rubber molding, grommets, rubber keypads or in wire covers. Without these components, the spacecraft might be unable to perform as needed.

These Liquid Silicone Moldings are mostly used in the medical sector. Liquid silicone injection molding ( LIM ) is similar to transfer molding but the silicone rubber material is supplied through an injection nozzle and is injected into the mold cavity. Under heat and pressure, the silicone rubber cures. The part is then ejected from the cavity and the Liquid Silicone Injection molding cycle restarts.

Liquid silicone has a low viscosity. If tooling is not precise, flash occurs and the parts do not come out of the mold clean. Parker builds Liquid Injection Molding tooling that molds precision parts with virtually no flash, decreasing the need for secondary operations.

Molding processes used by providers of silicon molding services include cast molding, compression molding, dip molding, injection molding, reaction injection molding, rotational molding and transfer molding.

Whereas in the cast molding process, liquid material is poured into an open mold, in compression molding a slug of silicone is pressed between 2-heated mold halves. On the other hand dip molding is a process similar to hot dip coating, in which the finished product is the fused plastisol stripped from the dipped mold. However in injection molding liquid silicone is forced into a cooled mold under tremendous pressure.

In the Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process two or more reactive chemicals are mixed at high speed as they are being injected into a mold. In rotational molding hollow molds filled with silicone material are secured to pipe-like spokes that extend from a central hub. In transfer molding, the two mold halves are clamped together and silicone is forced by pressure into the mold.

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